Reliable Performance in an Attractive Form Factor

AVADirect Mini Cube PCThe Mini Cube PC by AVADirect has evolved as one of our teams’ most popular and impressively functional form factors in recent years. Check out all the rigs in the custom showroom – enthusiasts love them, and so does our technical team. As you browse our diverse selection of cube mini pc cases, this is one of the most visually appealing form factors that we offer in our configurators. The cube form factor design allows us to employ thousands of different configuration options in a snug space. A cube, mathematically, is equidistant, therefore this maximizes the internal chassis space to integrate whatever hardware components you see fit. When you’re deciding on your next custom computer, keep in mind that space is limited when choosing a form factor. The Custom Mini Cube PC by AVADirect are the best option to pack all the internal hardware you need to step up your game and add some extra flare to your personalized custom mini cube PC. Configured in a variety of Shuttle XPC platforms, these computers offer some of the most forceful performance options that can be found in a mini pc form factor. We offer our customers the industry’s widest variety of cases, these Mini Cube PC systems are all the rage among enthusiasts in the custom computer space. This cube design is ultra-compact, perfect for the user that has limited space. Built with gaming-ready PSU’s and dazzlingly engineered cooling solutions, these units feature accommodations for full-sized, full performance GPUs and highest possible processors. Mini Cube PCs by AVADirect are supported for the life of the machine, giving the end user the opportunity for AVADirect technical resources for years to come. Check out the newly renovated configurators and see what hardware configurations are possible in the Mini Cube PC form factor.