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8/17/2016 AVADirect Exemplar 2 Ultimate by Road to VR PC World Review

AVA Exemplar 2 Ultimate by Road to VR - Reviewed by PC World

"To find out if that’s really true, I decided to test it. For my high-end control hardware, I used an AVA Direct Exemplar 2 box. This PC doesn’t just ..." Gordon Ung

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8/4/2016 Avant Mini Cube Gaming Desktop TweakTown Review

AVADirect Avant Mini Cube Gaming Desktop - Reviewed by TweakTown

"The Avant Mini Cube is configurable and can take many different forms, but ours is one of the most robust when it comes to gaming performance and ..." Steven Bassiri

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7/27/2016 Tom's Hardware AVADirect Avant P870DM-G Review

AVADirect Avant P870DM-G Gaming Laptop First Look - Reviewed by Tom's Hardware

"The Avant sports plenty of premium features of its own. G-Sync makes a huge experiential different in the latest games, and the desktop components ..." Derek Forrest

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6/29/2016 Avatar Virtual Reality PC CPU Mag Review

AVADirect Avatar VR Desktop - Review by CPU Mag

"Ready to jump aboard the VR train, but don’t have the hardware horsepower necessary to punch your ticket? The Avatar VR Desktop is optimized to handle ..." Nathan Lake

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6/3/2016 Avatar Virtual Reality PC CNET Review

AVADirect Avatar VR Desktop - Review by CNET

"Everyone seems to be marketing a gaming desktop with top-end parts as "built for VR." AVADirect, like a small handful of other PC makers, has actually ..." Dan Ackerman

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5/13/2016 Avant P750DM-G Gaming Laptop

AVADirect Avant P750DM-G Gaming Laptop First Look - Review by Tom's Hardware

"AVADirect's custom Avant P750DM-G provides outstanding performance for a reasonable amount of money. The P750DM-G outperforms similarly- or ..." Alexander Quejado

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5/10/2016 Avant Mini Tower Gaming PC

AVADirect Avant Mini Tower – Review by WatchPlayRead

"I’m not one for doing any kind of overclocking or pushing the machine really hard, but seeing how this rig can do everything I need and more, I’m ..." Xopher Reed

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5/10/2016 Avant Tower Gaming PC

AVADirect Avant Tower - Review by Digital Trends

"The Avant is built for users who might want to add on later... The result is minimal clutter in the visible area of the case, with power and data ..." Brad Bourque

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4/11/2016 Avant P870DM-Gaming Laptop Review

AVADirect Avant P870DM-G Gaming Laptop Review by Kotaku

"For those who prefer power over portability in their gaming laptops, the AVADirect Avant P870DM-G with the Geforce GTX 980 is the best you can get in ..." Mike Fahey

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4/10/2016 AVADirect Review Avalanache

Avalanche II and Avalanche Mini Reviewed by CPU Magazine

"There’s an unpretentious elegance to the Avalanche Series’ interior. Whereas some builders use bright, showy color schemes and systems nearly bursting ..." Nathan Lake

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1/27/2016 AVADirect Avant P870DM-G Notebook Review

Avant P870DM-G 17" gaming laptop wins Editor's Choice at Notebook Review by Notebook Review

"The newest gaming notebook from AVADirect, the Avant P870DM-G, arguably represents the pinnacle of PC gaming for early 2016. This high-end gaming ..." Jerry Jackson

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12/14/2015 AVADirect review - Z170 gaming pc - Digital Trends

AVADirect Skylake i7 Z170 Review by Digital Trends

"AVADirect does more with less in the fast and frugal Z170. AVADirect’s Z170 Gaming PC targets maximum performance per dollar, and hits the mark. That ..." Matt Smith

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