AVADirect review kotaku avant p870dm-g
Avant P870DM-Gaming Laptop Review
"For those who prefer power over portability, the AVADirect Avant P870DM-G is the best you can get." - Mike Fahey -
CPU Magazine review AVADirect Avalanche
AVADirect Review Avalanache
"The high-quality hardware and generous overclocks assure performance that matches the precision look." - Nathan Lake -
Notebook Review Editor's Choice
AVADirect Avant P870DM-G Notebook Review
"The AVADirect Avant P870DM-G is one of the most impressive gaming notebooks we’ve seen in a while." - Jerry Jackson -
Digital Trends computer reviews
AVADirect review - Z170 gaming pc - Digital Trends
"AVADirect’s Z170 Gaming PC targets maximum performance per dollar, and hits the mark." - Matt Smith -
Toms Hardware 2015 Readers Choice
"AVADirect is in the money with its Avalanche II, earning a Tom's Hardware Reader's Choice award." - Derek Forrest -
Digital Trends custom gaming computer reivew
AVADirect reviews - X99 gaming system by Digital Trends
A custom case doesn't come free, though, which is why many gaming PCs have an eye-watering price. AVADirect takes a different approach, building systems to order from off-the-shelf parts. They’re like a friend who builds computers charging you to put one together, and delivering it to you when they’re done. An incredibly talented friend, with access to the sweetest components. - Brad Bourque
Tweaktown Logo
TweakTown AVADirect Review
The new Sixense VR desktop is a custom PC that has seen the company partner up with Sixense, so that their PC is ready for the STEM system when it launches. We had a play with Sixense's STEM system back at CES 2015 and thought it was revolutionary, but now AVADirect has taken it a step further with a custom PC ready for the STEM. - Anthony Garreffa
Maximum PC Logo
Maximum PC Reviews AVADirec Sixense VR Desktop
You can feel that we're on the verge of a virtual gaming revolution, or so several companies heavily invested in VR technology hope. We're right there with them -- not from an investment standpoint, but from the perception of a fan, as we've played around with some awesome VR demos. Looking to give the category a nudge, Ohio-based boutique builder AVADirect today announced a pair of desktops designed in collaboration with Sixense for the latter's Stem System. - Paul Lilly
Tom's Hardware Logo
Tom's Hardware Reviews AVADirect Sixense VR PC
The AVA Sixense VR series was built from the ground up with virtual reality gamers in mind. The desktops are certified by Sixense, meaning customers should be good to go once they add the STEM System to these specific gaming PCs. - Kevin Parrish
Notebook Review Logo
AVADirect Reviews - Menace P770ZM Gaming Laptop by Notebook Review
We’re pleased to extend our Editor’s Choice award to the AVADirect Menace (Clevo P770ZM) for combing desktop power into a civilized semi-mobile package every bit as formidable as its name implies. - Charles P. Jefferies