Multimedia machines with incredible value

AVADirect Ultra Small PC A custom ultra small PC by AVADirect can be used as a solution in the cubicle, accommodation reception areas, or in meeting rooms. These PC’s can integrate seamlessly onto current HDMI compatible LCD TVs or computer monitors. As some of our ultra-small PC’s are about 1/15th the size of a standard tower, you can squeeze these mini computers into the most confined of spaces. While consuming only about 25% electricity as a standard tower desktop, these ultra-small pcs by AVADirect can be the hardware solution and catalyst for greener operations in the workplace, saving you space, time and money. These ultra-small PCs are custom configured to provide the maximum amount of user friendly features in an ultra-compact form factor. These ultra-small media computers make HD video playback or internet streaming as simple as possible. Leveraging inbuilt OS functionality, managing a media dashboard has never been easier or more streamlined. We include options for cutting edge platforms such as Intel® Atom™ and NVIDIA® ION™ so our customers can be confident that their ultra small pc will operate as reliably as the rest of our custom computer configurations. Achieve total PC functionality in the smallest form factor available in the custom PC industry from the experienced team at AVADirect.