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GeForce GTX TitanX GeForce GTX TitanX GeForce GTX TitanX GeForce GTX TitanX GeForce GTX TitanX GeForce GTX TitanX
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Atlant Titanium X99 Extreme Gaming Desktop Computer

Any game in high resolution without lags and brakes!

The fastest processor on the planet.

Fully loaded for unmatched performance, with 3x3 802.11ac Wi-Fi,
ultra-fast USB 3.1 Type-A Card (Dual), and Fan Extension Card for
your extreme X99 build.

usb 3.1 windows 8.1 wi-fi bluetooth 4.0 x99 chipset ddr4 support free game withcher 3: wild hunt Atlant Titanium X99
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Gaming DesktopsYou Dream it, We Build it!

Gaming Desktops by AVADirect begin with the industry’s largest selection of tower cases, giving you the most building space and opportunity to load up your rig with the most gaming components you can imagine. Then we have our liquid-cooled gaming desktops; a cooling solution for computing that can increase your performance output, while keeping your customized configuration cooler than the other side of the pillow, avoiding any internal hardware damage that can happen when your League of Legends session goes into the wee hours of the night. Then we introduce our quiet gaming desktops. Custom gaming computers are typically synonymous with the roar of a lawn mower using standard fan cooling solutions. We artfully craft our quiet desktops to run at a whisper quiet volume. Be at peace with your beast. Lastly we offer the mini gaming desktops, for space limited usage scenarios. Don’t underestimate the power in these little PC cases. PC Gaming is the most popular form of video gaming in the world, outpacing next generation console gaming by exponential rates. AVADirect custom gaming laptops provide you with the tools that you need to play at your best, without lagging behind.

By using industry leading hardware, gaming desktops by AVADirect provide the best value in the custom gaming computer industry. Select your custom configuration, optimize the price, and your gaming rig will be assembled by experienced technicians, thoroughly tested and delivered directly to your door step. AVADirect custom gaming computers are available in a full range of forms spanning from the smallest "nano" mini gaming towers to the massive, hardware optimized full-size towers.

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Smash performance bottlenecks and benchmark scores alike!

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