AVADirect is proud to offer the brand new NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 980M and GTX™ 970M GPUs that represent another step in the quest to bring mobile platforms in line with desktop performance. Coming in as an option in our laptops, these bleeding edge gaming GPUs are engineered to improve power and heat efficiency.
Both GTX 980M and GTX 970M GPUs support key NVIDIA technologies that seamlessly maximize the consumer’s notebook performance and experience such as NVIDIA BatteryBoost, NVIDIA Optimus, and GPU Boost 2.0 for notebooks. These GPUs offer killer gaming features enabled by GeForce Experience such as ShadowPlay, GameStream, game setting optimizations and keeping your NVIDIA GeForce drivers up to date.
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In an exciting development for AVADirect customers and gaming enthusiasts this week Nvidia launches their long awaited new flagship cards, based on the incredible Maxwell architecture.

AVADirect is extremely excited to team up with Nvidia in bringing this powerful new technology to our customers. Leveraging the incredible bandwidth brought to the computing world by Intel's new X99 platform, we're looking forward to providing even more amazing custom configurations to previous and new customers alike. Let AVADirect help you configure the machine of your dreams today, with one of these spectacular new GPUs!
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World of Tanks is a team-based MMO game dedicated to armored warfare in the mid-20th century. Engage in free epic online tank battles for instant adrenaline-packed action. Take control of hundreds of authentic tanks, from heavy and powerful steel brawlers to light and fast scouts, and engage your enemy on immersive maps. Battle in teams and join 75 million other players worldwide!
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These CPU’s represent a quantum leap in performance, with Intel bringing their first enthusiast class 8-core CPU to market with an 8 core processor to market. Moving forward with the already stellar improvements from the Haswell Devil's Canyon refresh, these Core i7 E CPUs are built for the bleeding edge enthusiast.

AVADirect is proud to offer this exciting new technology, and they are now available in our custom gaming configurations. Built for gamers and enthusiasts we offer both Overclocking and water cooling services, to take these cutting edge components to the next level. If you are playing games, or are making them, let AVADirect give YOU the advantage, and be the first to configure a machine featuring the brand new I7-5960X with DDR 4 technology!
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Experience the fist-punching visuals of BORDERLANDS®: THE PRE-SEQUEL™with the space-age power and performance of GeForce GTX! NVIDIA technologies like PhysX®, Surround™, and G-SYNC™ let you shoot 'n' loot your way through Pandora's moon with incredibly realistic and immersive effects.
BORDERLANDS®: THE PRE-SEQUEL™ FREE when you buy a GeForce GTX 770, 780, 780 Ti, or TITAN Black.
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If you purchase and 4th gen Intel® Core I5™ or Intel® Core I7™ system or processor, you are eligible to receive FREE GAME DOWNLOADS. Included in this bundle are Shadowrun Returns*, GRID Autosport*, Star Chart*, and McAfree LiveSafe*.

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From the most technologically advanced foundries in the world, to our custom PCs, AVADirect is pleased to announce the arrival of a new line of Haswell processors from Intel. Built on a 22nm process and noteworthy for the incredible performance improvements they bring over the standard Haswell line, these chips feature improved thermal interface material on every package and carefully binned silicon, which combine to provide a level of overclocking headroom previously unheard of, and greatly improved stock frequencies. AVADirect is very pleased to be in a position to offer these incredible new CPUs, which are now available in several of our custom configurations. Get FREE GAMES when you buy any Haswell-K processor.

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The moment AVADirect began to walk down the road of partnership with Intel, they immediately recognized how special said path would be. As unique as it was (and still is) AVADirect felt it a necessary step in the right, collaborative direction. As Intel is creating an enthusiast following through ground-breaking processor technology, and AVADirect following suit with their one-of-a-kind custom configurations, enthusiasts begin to see a wonderment of high-end solutions unfold. That being said, the reveal of Intel's new, refreshed, unlocked 4th Generation Intel desktop processors makes the perfect addition to AVADirect' armament of Gaming, Performance, and mini-Desktop configurations.
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Today AVADirect, a leading custom computer integrator, announces their ability to provide the new NVIDIA GTX TITAN Z graphic processing unit. Based off of previous GTX TITAN designs, the TITAN Z is a dual-GPU, highly-efficient workstation graphics card that also possesses the ability to trample over documented graphics cards performance, creating an entirely new level of gaming and compute power which was (also) once impossible. Using NVIDIA's Kepler GK110 design, in their full capacity, the TITAN Z will focus on quality NVIDIA surround performance, 4K display resolutions, and an exhilarating 12GB of video RAM in a single card design. Simply put, up to four GTX TITAN Z graphics processing units can be utilized in a single configuration, creating eye-popping graphics, and smooth performance leaving very little left to be desired.
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AVADirect, a leading provider of custom server solutions, now offers the uniquely-designed FatTwin™ GPU-Oriented, Octa-Xeon® 4U Server by Supermicro. This mammoth of a CPU/GPU cluster (part# F627G3-F73PT+) boasts robust CPU performance, with support for dedicated graphics processing units (if need be) to push performance past, what was once, a fine line between possible, and impractical. With it's primary focus on CPU horsepower, the Supermicro FatTwin uses a four-blade form-factor, in which we will elaborate on in explicit detail.