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G4 TV Gadget Pr0n
AVADirect Silverstone Raven Gaming PC Review
"We've got to hand it to AVADirect, they crammed as many top of the line parts into an air-cooled system as they could and got amazing performance."

AVADirect Custom Gaming PC Review
"AVADirect has helpfully included a number of overclocking presets in the machine's BIOS, and the included documentation will tell you how to scale the machines performance to meet your needs. If you're bothered by the noise you adjust the din a bit by juggling the fan controls, but unless you ultimately decide to scale back the CPU's clock speed, you could run the risk of overheating your processor."

PC Magazine
AVADirect Custom Gaming PC Review
"This is our 5th review in PC Magazine, and our very first featuring NVIDIA's Flagship GeForce GTX 480 in Tri-Sli. We're proud our Custom Gaming PC made it to the top of PC MAG's charts, and we look forward to bettering that result as we incorporate newer bleeding edge technologies into our future line up."

Maximum PC Magazine
AVADirect Custom PC Review
"AVADirect went a step further by clocking its Custom PC gaming rig at 4.4GHz. The company even goes so far as to include a custom profile for 4.7GHz"

CPU Magazine
Resplendent Rigs - Top United States Boutique Vendors Round-Up - AVADirect Custom Gaming PC Review
"... reflective auto paint with the case’s bright silver handles, front-panel LCD, and large side-panel window, you’ve got a desktop that stands out from the pack, even among our dream PC competition."

AVADirect Core i7 SLI / CrossFireX DDR3 Gaming System
"AVADirect's Core i7 SLI/CrossFireX DDR3 Gaming System fails in the naming department, but I'll assume that the company's PC builders were too busy squeezing every last drop of performance out of this impressive machine to come up with a clever label. AVADirect's system isn't the fastest gaming PC we've tested, but it sure comes close. Factor in its $1840 price tag (as of 5/4/09)--nearly half the cost of the most inexpensive computers on our Top 5 Gaming PCs list--and it's hard to resist this system's allure."

CNET Desktops Reviews
AVADirect Custom Gaming PC Review
"A dirty secret of gaming PC reviews is that vendors frequently try to submit systems with aggressive overclocking that they won't actually sell because of poor reliability, but that will last long enough to score well on our benchmarks. Imagine our skepticism when this $2,900 AVADirect Custom Gaming PC showed up with a 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 920 chip overclocked to 3.88GHz, a roughly 50 percent boost. After hammering this system with our benchmarks as well as an added demanding stress test, we came away impressed. We don't suspect every system from AVADirect with a Core i7 920 chip will hit this clock setting, but we're confident that if you do order a system with these specifications from AVADirect, you'll get a fast, expertly built gaming PC for a great price."


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Gaming PC Core™ i7 X58 3-way SLI® / CrossFireX™ Custom Gaming System

Core™ i7 X58 3-way SLI® / CrossFireX™ Custom Gaming System
Item Code: DGS-i7-3SLICFX
This gaming pc is discontinued and is shown for informational purposes only. Suggested replacement:
Core™ i7 X79 3-way SLI® / CrossFireX™ Custom Gaming System
Note: The picture shown is for information purposes only. Visual appearance of the product depends on selected configuration and may vary from the picture.

X58 3-way Gaming PC Info


Our Core™ i7 SLI® / CrossfireX™ Gaming System has been designed from the ground up to be the most powerful and customizable next-generation system available. With selections of all Core i7 processors, all available motherboards, multitudes of memory and video card choices, you can completely customize your system to match the performance levels you are looking for.

With support for 24 GB of DDR3 memory, overclocked Core™ i7 Extreme Processors, and SLI® and CrossfireX™ technologies, this is now the new king in gaming technology. Not only that, you have complete control over the wiring, accessories, and components in this high-end system.

Feature Highlights:

  • Supports Core™ i7 Extreme, Core™ i7 quad-core socket 1366 processors
  • Intel® X58 chipset
  • Up to 48GB DDR3-2133MHz PC3-17000 memory
  • Selection of triple PCI Express x16 graphics cards joined by the NVIDIA® SLI® or ATI® CrossFireX™ technology
  • Up to 6 SATA II 3 Gb/sec hard drives
  • Onboard High-Definition Audio (optional discrete audio card can be selected)
  • Onboard Gigabit LAN (optional discrete LAN adapter can be selected)

Intel X58 Express Chipset

The Intel® X58 Express Chipset is the latest chipset designed to support latest Intel® Core™ i7 Processors and Intel’s next generation system interconnect interface, Intel® QuickPath Interconnect (QPI), providing improved performance by utilizing serial point-to-point links, allowing increased bandwidth and stability. It also supports up to 36 PCI Express 2.0 lanes providing better graphics performance.

Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme processor

For extreme computing. Enjoy revolutionary levels of performance enabling vivid, high-definition experiences and multi-tasking responsiveness from state-of-the-art Intel dual-core and quad-core technologies.

Intel® Core™ i7 Quad processor

Multimedia enthusiasts, prepare to enthuse. Bring quad-core performance to your desktop with the Intel® Core™ i7 Quad processor. It's the ideal engine for highly threaded entertainment applications and highly productive multitasking.

DDR3 memory

DDR3 is the next generation of Double Data Rate (DDR) Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM). It is an evolution of DDR and DDR2 memory technology that delivers higher speeds, lower power consumption and heat dissipation.

PCI Express (PCIe) x16 2.0 Graphics Interface

PCI Express x16 2.0 graphics interface delivers greater than 2 times the bandwith over the traditional PCI Express 1.1 interface and supports the latest high-performance graphics cards. Gamers will benefit from an incredible upgrade in graphics performance with PCI Express, and video enthusiasts will also benefit from higher video throughput (amount of data is sent per second).

3-way NVIDIA® SLI® Technology

Bring your competition to its knees with NVIDIA SLI gear – the powerful combination of an SLI-Ready NVIDIA nForce® motherboard and multiple GeForce® graphics cards. Now with support for three GeForce GPUs operating in 3-way SLI, you can crank up the image quality settings, maximize your resolution, and tilt the scales in your favor with up to a 2.8X performance hike over a single-card rig.

Users can harness the power of GeForce GTX 580 Series GPUs. NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 580 gives your games an adrenaline shot with the world’s fastest performance and futuristic, visually-stunning graphics. Experience heart-pounding, cinematic visuals on your favorite games with the combined power of DirectX 11, CUDA™, and NVIDIA® PhysX® technologies. And expand your visual real estate across three HD displays in jaw-dropping stereoscopic 3D for the ultimate in immersive gaming.

With 3-way SLI® technology in your arsenal, you’ll be truly ready to play the latest hyper-realistic DirectX 10 games the way they’re meant to be played.

ATI CrossFireX™

ATI CrossFireX™ is the ultimate multi-GPU performance gaming platform. Enabling game-dominating power, ATI CrossFireX technology enables two or more discrete graphics processors to work together to improve system performance. For The Ultimate Visual Experience™, be sure to select ATI CrossFireX ready motherboards for AMD and Intel® processors and multiple ATI Radeon™ HD graphics cards.

ATI CrossFireX technology allows you to expand your system’s graphics capabilities. It allows you the ability to scale your system’s graphics horsepower as you need it, supporting up to four ATI Radeon™ HD graphics cards, making this the most scalable gaming platform ever.

Looking for a way to compare your gaming systems performance to others? Your gaming system will be preloaded with 3DMark 11, allowing you to compare gaming performance without variables in testing software! Now including Directx 11 support, 3DMark 11 flexes current technology utilized in today’s games, such as tessellation, compute shaders, and multi-threading processes. Use your score as a reference when bragging about your custom gaming systems performance, and make your opponents feel miniscule, even outside the arena!

Customize it for your needs

We offer an extensive selection of computer components through the convenient system configurators allowing to build broad spectrum of custom computer systems up to the high-end level. Starting configurations of our computer systems include computer case, CPU, motherboard, memory, video, hard drive and optical drive. By using the configurator located at the bottom of the page you can upgrade and downgrade components to fit this purchase into your budget and requirements. Besides the configurator, you can also add other components to your cart and we will install them as well. Our computer systems come assembled and tested with warranty.

Build Your Own X58 3-way Gaming PC

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