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TweakTown logo
Awards: TweakTown Review - AVADirect Quiet Gaming PC Wins Editor's Choice Award!
"If "quiet" and "gaming" together in the same sentence seems impossible, read our review of AVADirect's Quiet Gaming PC, which lives up to its name.

We appreciate how hard it is to make a quiet PC, and AVADirect has done an excellent job in that regard. This system is barely audible while under full load, and that makes gaming on this system a pleasure. We also like the performance on offer in the Quiet Gaming PC, though we do wish it were to come with a bit lower price tag. You know how they say silence is golden? Well, in order to achieve it, you have to pay a premium.

Even if you take out the custom wire sleeves - I would since there is no window - you're still looking at a fair bit of a price premium. This premium goes to the engineering of coming up with a quiet system, the three-year labor and three-year parts warranty, the building of the system, and of course, the company's overhead and profits. For this premium, you get top-notch cable management, a pre-assembled system with operating system and drivers all installed, and free lifetime technical hardware-related support. And, of course, you get the whisper silence provided by this system.

We're exceedingly impressed by this system's quietness and the performance, while managing to stay nearly silent. If we had our way, it wouldn't feature the sleeved cables and we'd opt for a different cooler due to the low socket pressure, but on the whole, the system is impressive. Just be ready to pay for that impressiveness."

TweakTown Review - AVADirect Quiet Gaming PC Wins Editor's Choice Award! logo
Awards: AVADirect Clevo W230ST 13.3" Gaming Notebook Wins NBR Editor's Choice
"Considering the wonderful folks at enjoy seeing what's next in store for AVADirect's notebook offerings, they couldn't wait to get their hands on the AVADirect Clevo W230ST 13.3" Gaming Notebook. The next successor in portable gaming (after last year's AVADirect Clevo W110ER), the W230ST provides power without compromise. A noted strong point for the AVADirect Clevo W230ST is most definitely the battery life; beating higher-end, comparable competitor notebook models by noticeable margins, and gaming performance to create a sizable value for the AVADirect Clevo W230ST. As always, we thank for their efforts, and look forward to their feedback toward future product releases by AVADirect!"
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GAMING LAPTOP Clevo W230ST Core™ i7 Gaming Notebook, 13.3-inch Full HD LED LCD, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 765M 2GB / Intel® GMA HD Graphics logo
Awards: AVADirect P570WM Wins Editor's Choice
"This is AVADirect's eleventh review with and their thorough review of our Clevo P570WM X79 Gaming Notebook is quite impressive. first noted that the AVADirect Clevo P570WM X79 Gaming Notebook has an improved chassis design, based on it's 13+ pound form-factor and extensive hardware offerings. Different from other Clevo notebooks, the Clevo P570WM offers several structural improvements, aesthetic finishes, and well-rounded designs to improve the look and feel of the chassis. Next, performance was measured using various 3DMark and in-game benchmarks. The Clevo P570WM performed extremely well under stress, and (despite previous reviews completed by other sites) shattered the competition's performance results (Epic fail, Alienware M17x R4) through their unbiased-benchmarking process. Overall, the AVADirect Clevo P570WM shows incredible value, for it's price point, and offers extreme, high-end performance impossible to match through appropriate competitor offerings."
 |  P570WM Gaming Notebook Products  |  X79 Gaming Notebook Products  |  Clevo Gaming Notebook Products  |  Discuss on Forum
GAMING LAPTOP Clevo P570WM Core™ i7 Gaming Notebook, 17.3-inch Full HD LED LCD, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 880M / Quadro® K5100M Graphics
PC Perspective logo
Awards: AVADirect Mini Gaming PC Wins PC Perspective Gold Award
"Buying a system with the same components from resulted in an in-cart amount of $1890 plus shipping. The price difference of $256 will net you the overclock of the CPU to 4.4 GHz as well as the 3 year warranty offered by AVADirect. To me, that is totally worth it: you get the system already assembled and built in a clean fashion, its been tested and burned in so your chances of DOA components are pretty minimal and if something goes wrong you have a small business to get in touch with rather than a huge conglomerate."
 |  Mini Gaming PC Products  |  Discuss on Forum
MINI GAMING PC Core™ i7 / i5 Z77 Subcompact Cube Gaming Computer System logo
Awards: AVADirect P270WM Wins Editor's Choice
"It's fair to say the AVADirect Clevo P270WM with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M graphics cards in SLI configuration delivers the best gaming experience of any notebook we've reviewed to date"
 |  P270WM Gaming Laptop Products  |  X79 Gaming Laptop Products  |  Custom Laptop Products  |  Discuss on Forum
GAMING LAPTOP Clevo P270WM Core™ i7 Gaming Notebook, 17.3-inch Full HD Glossy LED LCD, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 675M / Quadro® 5010M Graphics
PC World logo
Awards: AVADirect X79 Silent Gaming PC in PC World's Top 10 Performance Desktop PCs
"PC World recently published the Top 10 Performance Desktop PCs article to show consumers how well many companies did when stacked against competitors. They measured factors such as noise-levels, performance, benchmark results, features, and pricing. AVADirect was rated #3 out of the 10 desktop systems specifically due to our ability to create custom solutions in a tight, worthwhile package. Not only did our benchmarks easily complete with others, but we were easily one of the most silent systems they have ever had for review. Our rating says it all, and we may have made it farther had our pricing been more to their liking. Considering AVADirect offers the highest quality of parts, it's quite difficult to compete with those who offer generic components. You get you what you pay for, and with AVADirect you receive a high-quality, uniquely hand-crafted computer that has our love for the skill all over it."
 |  Performance Desktop PC Products  |  X79 Silent Gaming PC Products  |  Discuss on Forum
QUIET GAMING PC Core™ i7 X79 8-DIMM Low-Noise Custom Gaming System
Maximum PC logo
Awards: AVADirect Silent Gaming PC Wins Maximum PC Kick Ass! Award
"Despite its beefy GTX 580 GPU, this is the quietest gaming rig we've ever not heard."
 |  Silent Gaming PC Products  |  Discuss on Forum
SILENT PC Core™ i7 / i5 Z68 Low-Noise Custom Computer System logo
Awards: AVADirect Clevo X7200 Wins Editor's Choice
"This is our ninth review with and it is always extremely delightful to hear what their thoughts are on our notebook computers. This time around the reviewed our Core i7 X7200 flagship gaming notebook. Though our last review was completed on this notebook, there have been improvements to the X7201 revision we have been shipping for the past three months. This review is really something you must read to enjoy for yourself, so I won't take up any more of your time; go ahead and educate yourself in the splendors of our Core i7 X7200 gaming notebook!"
 |  Clevo X7200 Gaming Laptop Products  |  Custom Laptop Products  |  Discuss on Forum
GAMING LAPTOP Clevo X7200 Core™ i7 Gaming Notebook, 17.3-inch Full HD Glossy LED LCD, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 580M 2GB Graphics
PC World logo
Awards: AVADirect's Clevo P151HM Featured In: PCWorld's Top All-Purpose Laptops
"There is nothing more refreshing than a Gaming notebook, such as the AVADirect Clevo P151HM, featured on a "Own this laptop, or be owned" list. PCWorld's Top All-Purpose Laptops review featured many different laptops that they recommend to the all-purpose user. The AVADirect Clevo P151HM made #2 on the list, and for very good reason. As a gaming notebook it received the best compliments a notebook could possibly earn. Great performance for the price, impressive benchmarks for the hardware, and surprisingly efficient in different gaming demands."
 |  Gaming Laptop Products  |  Discuss on Forum
GAMING LAPTOP Clevo P151HM Core™i7 Gaming Notebook, 15.6-inch Full HD Matte/Glossy LED LCD, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560M 1.5GB Graphics
G4TV Attack of the Show logo
Awards: G4TV AOTS $1000 AVADirect Gaming PC
"Once again G4TV's Attack of The Show has featured one of our custom system. This time around, they challenged us to build a better $1000 gaming PC then they showcased last year; the result could not have been better. Not only did we shatter the benchmarks for the price, but value included was worth the five out of five rating we received."
 |  Gaming PC Products  |  Discuss on Forum
G4TV AOTS $1000 AVADirect Gaming PC
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