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Company News: AVADirect Now Authorized Diamond Multimedia Reseller
"AVADirect is now an authorized reseller of Diamond Multimedia products. Diamond has manufactured graphics cards, motherboards, modems, sound cards, and MP3 players. The company primarily deals with the ATI HD graphics card series and has continuously produced improved or modified versions to increase cooling or performance of each model. Diamond was founded in 1999 by technical designer Chong Moon Lee, and started off producing full graphics chipsets for retail graphics cards; companies like 3DFX featured these graphics chipsets. Eventually, Diamond Multimedia grew into a large company known for the ATI HD graphics cards we know and enjoy till this day"
 |  Diamond Video Card Products  |  Diamond TV Tuner Products
AVADirect Now Authorized Diamond Multimedia Reseller
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New Products: AVADirect Now Offers 1TB 2.5" Hard Drives For Notebooks And Small Form Factor PCs
"Notebooks have become more popular as the mobile technology begins to advance every year. Part of that process is jamming more space into hard drives to give you the ability to carry more data that ever thought imaginable. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Western Digital and Samsung, with their 1TB 2.5" hard disks, the contest of "how much data can I bring with me in a mobile form factor?" can be won by you! Even though many notebook models now posses the expansion slots to include multiple hard drives, there are still those out there who prefer netbooks; and these drives are perfect if you're one of those individuals."
 |  1TB Notebook HDD Products
AVADirect Now Offers 1TB 2.5
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Company News: AVADirect Now Authorized G.Skill Reseller
"AVADirect has become an official reseller of G.Skill Memory products. The Taiwanese-based company primarily deals in computer memory, and is renowned within the overclocking community. What makes G.Skill different from the rest is a combination of price, performance, and ability to squeeze every last megahertz from their RAM via overclocking. We are excited to add G.Skill to our list of partners and look forward to the new, ground breaking products they will provide."
 |  G Skill Products
AVADirect Now Authorized G.Skill Reseller
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Company News: AVADirect Now Authorized Seagate Reseller
"AVADirect is an official reseller of Seagate Technology, one of the world's most famous and gargantuan manufacturers of hard disk drives. We at AVADirect have integrated Seagate hard disks in our configurations since our business opened doors in 2000. Their pricing sets them apart from competitors, and their enterprise solutions make it very easy to recommend and implement into servers and workstations we assemble. We are proud to be partners, and look forward to the future it will bring for us as the true custom computer builder."
 |  Seagate Products
AVADirect Now Authorized Seagate Reseller
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New Products: AVADirect Releases AMD HD 6990M For Gaming Notebooks
"AVADirect has begun offering the AMD HD 6990M mobile graphics card for sale on their website. AVADirect is one of the first outlets to offer the AMD HD 6990M in Clevo P150HM. P170HM, and X7200 gaming notebook models. AVADirect has already begun taking pre-orders as of today and plans to ship out the notebooks with dedicated AMD HD 6990M graphics cards to expecting customers within 3-4 weeks."
 |  AMD HD 6990M Products  |  Gaming Laptop Products
AVADirect Releases AMD HD 6990M For Gaming Notebooks
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Company News: AVADirect Now Authorized Debian System Integrator
"AVADirect now offers the option to have Debian, the GNU/Linux-based operating system, pre-loaded on practically every configuration offered. Debian was originally created to offer a free operating system to those who do not want to purchase an advertised operating system just to use the hardware they have invested in. This is great for users who use their PC's for basic tasks, such as web browsing, internet, documents, and miscellaneous office tools. Since the operating system is based off of a Linux kernel it automatically receives support for many utilities and applications. Though, the interface is not as simple as most visual interfaces, advanced users find Debain extremely helpful in the instance it can take advantage of hardware more than most operating systems, it's free, and uses a minimal amount of system resource to run. Debian comes with over 29,000 packages that are precompiled, and are simple to implement into a Debian install."
 |  Debian Products  |  Linux Products
AVADirect Now Authorized Debian System Integrator
AnandTech logo
AVADirect in Media: AVADirect Moves to Silent Running
"Recognizing that many of us would rather have our computers seen and not heard (but still awesome), boutique builder AVADirect is throwing their hat into the ring with a new line of desktop builds engineered for silent operation."
 |  Silent Desktop PC  |  Silent PC Products  |  Low-Noise PC Products  |  Quiet PC Products
SILENT PC Core™ i7 X58 Low-Noise Custom Computer System
AVADirect Custom Computers logo
New Products: AVADirect Now Offers Silent Custom Computer Configurations
"AVADirect now has Silent Custom Computer configuraitons as on option listed on their website. Each configuration has specific hand-picked components that, when combined, create a powerful system that is left to be unheard to end-users seeking a powerfully silent system. This gives all customers to opportunity to have exactly what they want, without having to know which parts are quiet, and which will give them headaches."
 |  Silent PC Products  |  Low-Noise PC Products  |  Quiet PC Products
SILENT PC Core™ i7 / i5 Z68 Low-Noise Custom Computer System
AVADirect Custom Computers logo
New Products: AVADirect Now Offers Moneual MonCaso HTPC Cases
"AVADirect now offers home theater computer cases from a company by the name of Moneual. The company, founded in 2005, is a world wide leader in entertainment systems. The company originally provided full HTPC systems at a high premium, but recently reached out to system builders to provide high-quality cases that can be used for custom HTPC solutions; we just so happen to feel Moneual cases are ripe for the pickin'. What truly makes the case designs fantastic are the internal designs. The way in which the motherboard sits in the case, and the hard drives and optical drives positioned in front, makes it extremely easy for end-users to use the largest of graphics cards without worrying if it will fit. The power supply is also located right above the motherboard, like most standard cases, and allows you to use larger heatsinks if need be. Some of the more in-depth case designs include an LCD panel that end-users can use to display specific information about the system."
 |  Moneual HTPC Products  |  Media PC Products
AVADirect Now Offers Moneual MonCaso HTPC Cases
AVADirect Custom Computers logo
New Products: AVADirect Starts Taking Orders on New AMD Fusion Desktop PCs
"AVADirect starts taking orders on new desktop PC systems powered by new AMD's Fusion APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) family of hybrid processors and A75 and A55 chipsets. AMD Fusion APUs enable an outstanding next-generation visual experience to PC users and ensure compatibility with Microsoft® Windows® 7 and DirectX® 11. New AMD A-series Llano code-named processors A8-3850, A8-3800, A6-3650 and A6-3600 use a 32-nanometer manufacturing process and incorporate a graphics-processing core directly into the CPU chip. This provides greater power efficiency and faster performance than in separate CPU and GPU PC designs."
 |  AMD Fusion Desktop PC Products
DESKTOP PC A8 / A6 FM1 DDR3 Performance Custom Computer System
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