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Company News: AVADirect Now Intel Platinum Technology Provider
"AVADirect has officially become an Intel Platinum Technology provider. This is extremely exciting for us, considering we offer a plethora of Intel products. Their products will always be highly recommended for their ability to improve, re-invent, and revolutionize the way we think about the industry. Platinum is the highest partner program, out of the three, to be granted and it is certainly an honor. In light of this upgrade (AVADirect has been a Gold partner for 5+ years) we gain access to much confidential information. This allows us to stay ahead of the industry as a customer PC builder and have zerosurprisess when Intel plans to release a new form of technology, albeit small or large. This advantage will be used to the greatest extent as we make our footprint in the industry and continue to make the long-lasting impression we strive for. We would like to thank Intel for the opportunity, and our customers for having the interest in our products powered by Intel's latest and greatest technology."
 |  Intel Products  |  Intel Server Products  |  Intel Desktop PC Products
AVADirect Now Intel Platinum Technology Provider
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AVADirect in Media: AVADirect Nano Cube Featured In PCMag's PCs For Tight Spaces
"The AVADirect Nano Cube is a speedy, compact system for gaming enthusiasts. It's able to get you on the game grid with some authority, no matter your physical location. However, future expandability is compromised, since it's a compact gaming rig."
 |  Nano Cube Gaming PC Products
AVADirect Nano Cube Featured In PCMag's PCs For Tight Spaces
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Company News: AVADirect Now Authorized Asetek System Builder
"AVADirect has recently become an authorized system builder of Asetek thermal management products. The company was founded in 2000 (interesting, so was AVADirect!) and initially set out to target the enthusiast gamer market. Within the year of 2006 they decided to transition into the OEM market and released the worlds first fully functional, all-in-one liquid cooling unit. By doing this, they were easily able to compete with a majority of liquid cooling manufacturers due to price, and convenience. In 2011, Asetek now supplies many manufacturers with quiet cooling solutions through their all-in-one units at an affordable, reliably refreshing solution. We have been offering Asetek products since they first hit the market in 2000 in our custom liquid cooling systems. We began to stock their all-in-one units in 2008 when we noticed the trend began to set with simple, and quiet liquid cooling setups.We are honored to be a part of the team, and look forward to future endeavors."
 |  Asetek Products  |  Asetek Liquid Cooling Products
AVADirect Now Authorized Asetek System Builder
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New Products: AVADirect Now Offers NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 Graphics Cards
"As of today, we added the newly released Nvidia GTX 590 graphics card to our website. These cards are massively beefy, and are said to pack as much performance as two GTX 580's in SLI. These cards would be ideal for gamers who want bleeding-edge graphics who also require expandability."
 |  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 Products
EVGA GeForce® GTX 590 Classified 630MHz, 3GB GDDR5 3456MHz, PCIe x16 SLI, 3x DVI + mini-DP, Retail
AVADirect Custom Computers logo
New Products: AVADirect Now Offers NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Graphics Cards
"AVADirect recently added the new line of Nvidia's GTX 550 cards to our website. These cards are based of of the GTS 450 process and have improved cooling, performance, and video RAM. In respect, the cards are practically parallel with the GTX 460 card, but run much cooler and quieter. The card is not in any way to compete with high-end cards, but to provide an alternate solution to a once problematic configuration caused from heat or noise. The drivers are also a bit different, and any Nvidia enthusiasts can tell you Nvidia did not do the most stellar job with their 400 series drivers. They did correct numerous driver-signing issues with the 500 series cards and continue to make even more improvements with the physical aspect of the series as well. More than likely, these cards will be placed in the "price to performance" category and will be considered for systems that require more than average video performance, but not so much for the high-end workstation/gaming systems."
 |  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Products
EVGA GeForce® GTX 550 Ti FPB 951MHz, 1GB GDDR5 4356MHz, PCIe x16 SLI, 2xDVI+mini-HDMI, Retail
AVADirect Custom Computers logo
New Products: AVADirect Now Offers ATI Radeon HD 6990 Graphics Cards
"AVADirect has added the long awaited ATI HD Radeon 6990 graphics card to our website. This card boasts double the specifications of the previous the ATI HD 6980 card released, and continues to offer Eyefinity support, improved shader model 5.0, and DirectX 11. A jaw-dropping 4GB of shared video RAM is definitely appealing to those who follow the GPU wars closely. It's important to keep in mind that the HD 6990 is a two-in-one, dual GPU in a single card. Driver support has improved greatly from AMD within the past year, and price points continue to grow increasingly competitive to their NVIDIA competitors."
 |  ATI Radeon HD 6990 Products
SAPPHIRE Radeon™ HD 6990 830MHz, 4GB (2 x 2GB) GDDR5 5000MHz, PCIe x16 CrossFire, DVI + 4x mini-DP, Retail
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Company News: AVADirect Now Authorized iStarUSA System Builder
"AVADirect has recently obtained an authorized System Builder status with iStarUSA. The enterprise-level corporation has spent the past 20 years paving the way for industrialized OEM products that range in power supplies, rackmount chassis, enclosed cabinets and racks, data storage, and custom power solutions. This is very important for a custom computer builder such as us to provide the ultimate selection of enterprise solutions our clientčle can take advantage of. Server, IG, and HPC systems offered through our website have been enhanced through the engineering of such products manufactured by iStarUSA. It is our mission to specialize and focus on the importance that every system is unique in the way it meets the requirements outlined by its end-user. For that very reason we are excited to be a part of the strong partnership the iStarUSA group has invited us to be a part of."
 |  iStarUSA Products
AVADirect Now Authorized iStarUSA System Builder
AVADirect Custom Computers logo
Company News: Futuremark And AVADirect Partner Up
"Futuremark has released the newest addition to the world-acclaimed benchmarking software that enthusiasts crave for proof behind the bragging rights, 3DMark 11. An up-to-date release of 3DMark ensures that gaming systems can be tested without variables in the software, helping end-users to determine how the system will handle current games on the market. The most exciting aspect of 3DMark 11 is the DirectX 11 support. AVADirect will soon incorporate the latest 3DMark 11 version in testing and benchmarking phase to ensure maximum performance, and stability. It will also prove useful for AVADirect to assist our customers in boasting about their 3DMark 11 within their peers."
 |  Gaming PC Products  |  Gaming Notebook Products
Futuremark And AVADirect Partner Up logo
AVADirect in Media: AVADirect Now Shipping Desktops With Fixed Sandy Bridge Chipset
"And just like that, another company is assuring customers that future machines are 100% cleared to be perfectly a-okay. Intel's Sandy Bridge snafu earlier this year really put vendors in a pinch; they didn't want to stop selling systems, but they also didn't want a ton of defective units going to unhappy customers. But now that the revised model is out of the pipeline, AVADirect is proudly announcing that their new desktops are utilizing the new Sandy Bridge hardware."
 |  Sandy Bridge Desktop Products  |  Sandy Bridge Gaming PC Products
AVADirect Custom Computers logo
Company News: AVADirect Now Shipping Updated Sandy Bridge Desktops
"AVADirect announces all Sandy Bridge desktops are now available directly through AVADirect. Intel is currently ahead of schedule to release the awaited B3 Cougar Point chipsets that correct the SATA 6Gb/s data bandwidth flaw from degrading over time. Pending orders will be honored as promised, and newly submitted orders will ship within their standard time frame of 10-14 business days."
 |  Sandy Bridge PC Products  |  Sandy Bridge Gaming PC Products
AVADirect Now Shipping Updated Sandy Bridge Desktops
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