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New Products: AVADirect Now Carries Latest Cooler Master Power Supplies
"We recently added a new line of Cooler Master power supplies to our website. They come equipped with 120mm fans, for ultimate silent operations, and use slightly different materials to make them more affordable for those who are on a budget."
 |  Power Supplies  |  Cooler Master Power Supply Products  |  Discuss on Forum
COOLER MASTER UCP 1100W, 80 PLUS® Silver, 1100W Power Supply, ATX12V 2.3 EPS12V 2.92, 6x 6-pin + 3x 8-pin PCIe, SLI® Certified, Retail
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New Products: AVADirect Now Carries Latest Scythe CPU Coolers
"We recently added a new line of Scythe CPU coolers to our website. The range in size, and offer many different cooling capabilities that are relative the the form factor they are designed for. The larger heatsinks will be suitable for the extreme gaming/workstation systems, as to where the low-profile heatsink will be perfect for the small form factor systems, like Home Theate PC's."
 |  Scythe CPU Cooler Products
SCYTHE YASYA (SCYS-1000) CPU Cooler, Socket Socket 1155/1156/1366/775/478/939/940/754, Copper/Aluminum, Retail
Intel logo
Industry News: Intel to Out Due AMD's 6100 Series Opteron with Nehalem EX 7500
"Intel released on Wednesday that they will be launching a whole new server platform that will blow AMD's Opteron 6100 Series platform clear out of the water. The nanomater process is much smaller (45nm) and will be more energy efficient than any of their Xeon processors to date. A three times increase in performance is said to take place with the newly named "Nehalem EX" Xeon processors in comparison with the Xeon 7400 Series. The Nehalem EX processors boast a four-chip platform with 64 cores, 128 threads per 8-chip platform, and 24MB of L3 cache."
 |  Nehalem Products  |  Discuss on Forum
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New Products: AVADirect Now Offers Intel Atom Desktop & Notebook HDD Nettop Mini PC
"We recently added a new line of Intel Atom Nettops to our website. What makes these different from those we have previously offered the amount of performance you can receive from these models, compared to low-power Nettops in the past. These models still flex the low-power consuming Intel Atom processor, but now you will have the option to choose a newly integrated dual-core processor motherboard that will create smoother performance for daily tasks. For those who require the small form factors system, with more than the usual power behind it, these systems will be perfect for you."
 |  Nettop PC  |  Intel Atom Products
MINI PC Intel® Atom™ DDR2 Mini-ITX SFF Notebook HDD Nettop Computer System
AVADirect Custom Computers logo
New Products: AVADirect Now Carries Mushkin Power Supplies
"We recently added a new line of Mushkin Power Supplies to our website. Each series within the Mushkin Power Supplies has a relevance to the amount of power they output. The "Enhanced Volta" will output 500W-600W within the series, and "Enhanced Joule" will output 1000w-1200w within it's series. The "XP" series power supplies will provide anywhere between 650W-850W as they are released. The two biggest pros of Mushkin power supplies are price, and noise level. All of the power supplies have low-noise fans, whether they be 92mm or 140mm. You will also be delighted to know that all of them are modular."
 |  Mushkin Power Supply Products
MUSHKIN Enhanced Joule™ Power Supply w/ Modular Cables, 1200W, 24-pin ATX EPS12V, 6x 8/6-pin PCIe, Retail
AVADirect Custom Computers logo
New Products: AVADirect Now Carries High-End Speakers and Amplifiers
"AVADirect recently added a new line of high-end speakers and amplifiers, brought to you by AudioEngine and Peachtree Audio, to our website. These are the first Pro-audio related speakers and amplifiers we have ever carried, and it certainly will not be the last. AudioEngine and Peachtree Audio speakers are state of the art in the sense that they will create a rich, clean sound."
 |  Speakers  |  Peachtree Audio Products  |  Audioengine Products
PEACHTREE AUDIO Nova Stereo Amplifier w/ DS5.5 High-End Bookshelf Speakers, Cherry
AMD logo
Industry News: AMD Setting New Archetype for Price, Performance, and Power for Datacenter
"AMD has officially announced the availability of their newly released, ground-breaking server platform that will include the world's first 8- and 12-core x86 processors for the value two and four processor server markets. Not only will the amount resource be abundantly improved, but combined with low costs, energy consumption, and maintenance they promise to be the only solution end-users will ever need to turn to."
 |  AMD Opteron 6000 Series Products  |  Opteron 6100 Server Products  |  Discuss on Forum
AVADirect Custom Computers logo
3/26/2010 7:00:00 PM
New Products: AVADirect Now Selling New NVIDIA GTX 400 Series Graphics Cards
"AVADirect now selling new NVIDIA GTX 400 series graphics processing units. The GTX 400 series is based off of an entirely new technology that Nvidia has been developing for quite some time. They produce ground-breaking performance benchmarks, and reach a whole new level of capabilities that have not been touched by the graphics community."
 |  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 Graphics Card Products
EVGA GeForce® GTX 480 SuperClocked (AR) 725MHz, 1536MB GDDR5 3800MHz, PCIe x16 SLI, 2x DVI+mini-HDMI, Retail
AVADirect Custom Computers logo
New Products: AVADirect Starts Selling New Intel Xeon 5600 Series Westmere Processors
"AVADirect, a leading custom computer manufacturer, has announced the addition of the Intel Xeon 5600 Westmere Series processors. The 32nm six-core, low power processor is not only the fastest-performing server processor on the market, but also has the best migration capabilities than any of it's AMD Istanbul competitors. The "uncore" power provides better support for low power DDR3 RAM, and massive TLB improvements. What makes the new 5600 Intel Xeon Series processors even more appealing is the fact they can be used in any 5500 Series motherboard after a quick BIOS update."
 |  Socket 1366 Xeon 5600 Series Server Processors  |  Westmere-EP Server Products
INTEL Xeon® X5680 Six-Core Processor 3.33GHz, LGA1366, 6.4 GT/s QPI, 12MB L3 Cache, HT EM64T EIST TB VT, 32nm, 130W, Retail w/o Fan
AVADirect Custom Computers logo
Company News: AVADirect Now Authorized Mushkin Reseller
"AVADirect recently became partners with Muskin Enhanced, one of the leading manufacturers for memory modules known to the PC world. The company was founded in 1994, and set up shop at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Denver Colorado. This USA originated company ships their products worldwide by demand, and provide unparallel quality and extreme performance with their innovative memory modules. They do not stop there, they also manufacturer: power supplies, and digital storage devices that can be applied to any gaming or desktop related computer. Companies such as Apple, and NASA, and Rockstar Games utilize their products to the fullest extent creating a high-octane induced performance coma. If you have never used any of their products in your systems, you should seriously consider giving them a chance, because it could very well lead to a lifetime of loyalty. We are very pleased to be official resellers with Mushkin Enhanced, and look forward to a growing partnership that will only produce positive result."
 |  Mushkin Products  |  Mushkin Memory Products  |  Mushkin SSD Products
AVADirect Now Authorized Mushkin Reseller
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