Ultimate gaming machines

Custom tower gaming desktops by AVADirect are built around the origin of gaming as we know it – performance towers are the backbone of the video game world. We've taken it a step further with the tried and tested AVADirect custom computer configurations. We like to boast the fact that we can cater to any and all PC gaming needs, but our custom gaming desktops have a personalization factor that you can’t get from any other custom computer manufacturer in the industry. Our tower gaming PC options provide the best opportunity for top-tier gaming to those hardcore folks who are looking for the best available selection of high-end components. In addition to custom gaming towers, we offer extremely broad customization options for every aspect of our builds. From loading up on multi-GPU’s for a multi-screen 4k entertainment setup, to strapping on an Oculus Rift in a realistic digital world, we can meet any request. In addition to the firepower, flare it up with our diverse selection of custom gaming tower cases. We provide you the most diverse lighting options to highlight those top of the line components. Further customize your gaming computer with an automotive paint finish to set your build apart from the pack. Tie it all together with our elite clean cable management, and back it up with stable overclocks, overseen by our wise sales team and technical RMA gurus. Don’t lag behind, stack the best graphical gear into the hottest looking gaming desktop towers on the market. Call our team of passionate and dedicated fellow gamers for help on making your configuration the most optimal desktop out there. We are here to give you that extra push you need to dominate the playing field, no matter the game. How do you want to define yourself online, among your buddies, and on the Battlefield?