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Thecus N8200XXX NAS SATA Storage System

N8200XXX NAS SATA Storage System
Item Code: SSR-TCS-N8200XXX
This thecus is discontinued and is shown for informational purposes only.
Note: The picture shown is for information purposes only. Visual appearance of the product depends on selected configuration and may vary from the picture.

Thecus Info



  • Extreme Speed
    Enterprises cannot afford to wait for their data, which is why the N8200XXX is built for speed. Featuring Intel Atom D525 running at 1.8GHz, the N8200XXX runs circles around the competition. Combined with 1GB of super fast DDR3 RAM, that means incredible transfer speeds and less time spent waiting.
  • Extreme Data Backup
    Secure your data with the sophisticated features and refined simplicity that only Thecus can offer. Incremental backups and recover data with Acronis’s True Image software, take and revert back to system snapshots at your leisure, and remotely backup to anywhere in the world with native Rsync support.
  • Extreme Power Management
    N8200XXX supports scheduled power on/off. With this feature, users can set what time the system turns on or off. This feature is a big plus for people who want to conserve energy. Wake-On-LAN enables users to remotely turn the system on without leaving their seat.
  • Extreme Protection
    Put safety first with AES256bit RAID volume encryption and USB Key functionality. An impenetrable wall of protection is at your disposal to make sure only those you want can access your data, and no one else. Simply set up a USB flash drive key that unlocks your data with no hassle and maximum protection.
  • iSCSI Thin Provisioning Support
    Get the most out of your storage space with the extreme speed of iSCSI and the efficiency of iSCSI thin provisioning. Connect through iSCSI for the fastest data transfer speeds available and make wasted disk space a thing of the past with thin provisioning's flexible storage functionality.
  • Online RAID Volume Management
    Managing RAID volumes has never been easier thanks to the N8200XXX's Online RAID Volume Management. Administrators can easily expand or migrate RAID volumes without having to power down the system, eliminating costly downtime.


The new XXX line of Thecus NAS is leading the way in catering to your needs. With Xtreme power, Xtreme function, and Xtreme value, these Thecus NAS deliver. Whether it be a strong product for a budget price or a high-powered NAS for the tech-savvy, each model is extremely geared towards fitting you. From an extremely speedy 2-bay for your home office to an extremely powerful 8-bay rackmount for even the most demanding enterprise, Thecus XXX NAS are ready for you.

To run a business in the modern world, flexibility is essential. Because of this, the server is slowly giving way to the NAS, especially among small and medium businesses. The N8200XXX takes the flexibility and functionality that Thecus has become known for and takes it even further. SMB’s will love it not only for its massive 24TB of data capacity, but also for its features that can turn a business into a community.

The N8200XXX becomes a place where everyone can share information and ideas. Today’s businesses are frequently working with large files in large groups, and this is the perfect way to get everyone on the same page. Posting large files on the public NAS is a great way to forgo the limitations of email and streamline cooperation. Internal news and product information can also be saved in a public location for everyone to access. The N8200XXX’s powerful Intel Atom D525 dual-core processor and DDR3 memory makes all of these processes run quickly and smoothly, even with heavy traffic.

Restricted or private folders are also easy to organize with Thecus’s new UI. iSCSI thin provisioning gives users flexible folders that eliminate wasted space left by fixed private folders. User quotas provide a new way of giving users private space across multiple RAID partitions. These functions provide additional practical ways of sharing and dividing space that caters to your company’s specific needs.

Functions that allow you to spend less time fussing with settings and more time focusing on what’s important are intrinsic to the N8200XXX, but some things in life just can’t be expressed in a PPT. The N8200XXX features Thecus’s new advanced Piczza photo server to share just those things. Company parties, client dinners, and conference photos can be posted for all to see, as well as photos of more personal events such as birthday parties, weddings, and newborn babies. Maintaining a bright and happy workplace is as important as anything for success, and the N8200XXX gives you the power to do just that.

Note: For full specifications see storage platform details.

Customize it for your needs

We offer an extensive selection of computer components through the convenient system configurators allowing to build broad spectrum of custom storage systems up to the highly redundant and high-performance solutions. Starting configurations of our server systems include storage platform, hard drive and in some cases optical and floppy drives. By using the configurator located in this page you can upgrade and downgrade components to fit this purchase into your budget and requirements. Besides the configurator, you can also add other components to your cart and we will install them as well. Our custom server systems come assembled and tested with warranty.

Build Your Own Thecus

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