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President's Message
Alex Sonis, President & CEO

"As president, I want to personally say "THANK YOU" to all of our loyal customers, invite those who are interested in a custom computer to experience the difference of AVADirect and look forward to supporting and providing your equipment and technology solutions for decades."

Alex Sonis, President & CEO


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AVADirect Custom Computers Order Processing Info

Processing Times

Due to such wide array of system configurations and components we have various processing times.

Orders that do not require assembly are usually processed within 2-3 business days except "Special Order" parts that depend on availability and their processing may take longer time. All other orders that require assembly that consist of computer barebones, notebooks, desktop systems, and servers are usually processed within 10-14 business days prior to shipping.

Many of customization options that we offer such as custom painting, case and computer components modifications, custom wiring, liquid and other non-standard cooling solutions, installation of custom software and operating systems such as Linux, system components overclocking require additional time to be processed and may take up to additional 1-2 weeks especially when combined with each other.

In case order requires special arrangements such as: order expediting, precise date delivery assurance, or for bulk orders, please contact us prior to order placement to ensure smooth, speedy and efficient order processing. Additional "service priority fee(s)" may apply.


AVADirect believes that communication is key to success of our business; therefore, we offer several methods to best suit your communication preferences:

  1. Phone. Dial 1-866-766-4629 to receive immediate assistances with sales, customer service, technical support and other inquiries.
  2. E-mail. Send us an e-mail and we'll respond within 24 hours.
  3. Message Board. This effective tool is designed to accommodate much of the communication without having to e-mail or call. Our Message Board functions almost instantaneously. To use the Message Board, as well as to check status of your order(s), view the tracking number(s) and other features and services, you will need to activate your web account with us upon submission of the first order and keep the log-in information secure.

Order Changes

  1. Configuration Changes. While it may delay the order, we do allow configuration adjustments after the order placement. However depending on the production phase as well as the nature of the adjustment such as parts availability and configuration compatibility, there is not always a clear guarantee that the requested configuration adjustment will be fulfilled.

  2. Address Changes. Shipping address can not be changed or re-routed once the order ships. If shipping address differs from billing on credit/debit card orders, it must be added with the credit card company preferably before or shortly thereafter the order placement. All credit/debit card orders with unauthorized shipping addresses will be notified and placed on hold, but pending no response or cooperation will be cancelled. If shipping address change request can not be fulfilled, we do offer other payment options such as PayPal, wire transfer, mailing a check, money order or other methods.

  3. Cancellation. Order cancellation will depend on the order processing stage whereas appropriate cancellation policies will apply:
    1. Before the payment is processed, the order is eligible for free cancellation.
    2. After the payment is processed and parts are not allocated, a cancellation processing fee of 5% will be applied.
    3. After parts on the order are allocated a cancellation fee of 10% will be applied.
    4. After the order is assembled a cancellation fee of 15% will be applied. If the order contains custom modified/painted parts a cancellation fee of 20% will be applied.

Order Processing Stages:

I. Payment Processing

Methods of Payment

Conveniently, we accept most existing payment methods including all major US credit cards, checks, money orders, PayPal, wire transfers, etc. Exceptions are COD, international and club credit cards. We accept Purchase Orders from government-funded and corporate entities. All credit terms are subject for approval.

For you reference, following is the list of particular payment methods we accept:

  1. All major US credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover)
  2. Personal and company checks issued by US-based banks by mail and over the phone
  3. All money orders and cashiers checks
  4. PayPal payments with confirmed US Shipping Address
  5. Bank wire transfer

Payment Verification

Due to excessive Internet fraudulent activity, our payment verification process is a necessary procedure imposed for financial protection, though it may cause delay in payment processing. We employ following payment verification methods:

  1. For payments by credit cards, all orders exceeding $1000.00 are considered "high-risk", therefore all credit card customers are required to submit the Credit Card Authorization Form (CCAF) provided upon order submission. Billing and Shipping Addresses must be verified with a card issuer bank. For faster payment processing we recommend customers to ensure that address information including secondary shipping address is registered with the bank prior to order submission.
  2. Mailed personal and company checks must be cleared before order is processed which may take up to 10 business days. However, checks submitted over the phone are cleared instantly. To pay by check over the phone customer must present a copy of the voided check and state ID.
  3. PayPal payments must be made from an account with confirmed US Shipping Address.
  4. All purchase orders are subject for credit pre-approval.

Additional information about available payment methods and payment verification procedures can be obtained by sending a request to

II. Technical Verification

Before ordered system goes into production, its components need to be verified to determine their compatibility. Due to wide variety of components and customization options that we offer in our system configurators, there is a chance of certain compatibility issues. To exclude this possibility, each system configuration is thoroughly analyzed and approved by our technician prior to further production. Though not all compatibility issues can be found at this stage, this practice allows to speedup processing of potentially problematic custom configurations in many cases by determining necessity of non-compatible parts replacement at the earlier stage. Another benefit of preventive compatibility verification is a possibility for us to make suggestions to our customers to switch some components if required to make system configuration more balanced in terms of performance and price.

III. Assembly

Assembly is where the actual birth of a custom computer system occurs and this is where we combine the best of our efforts, craftsmanship and knowledge to perform in a best possible way. We implement the following procedures when we build our custom systems:

  • Before assembly starts, every single system component is thoroughly inspected to ensure part number accuracy and to identify components with physical damage and visible signs of substandard quality.
  • After that the entire system configuration is being analyzed by a technician to determine mechanical compatibility of all parts and to plan the future assembly with respect to components installation and internal system layout.
  • Following is an actual assembly. Though it seems simple at the first look, professionally organized assembly process is time consuming and a complex task that requires much knowledge, strong experience and high degree of accuracy, and that's where we provide many valuable benefits to our customers by employing a team of enthusiastic knowledgeable professionals with many years of experience, all to build a product of the highest possible grade.
  • Upon completion of the system assembly all bundled accessories that come with the system components including cables, manuals, and media are collected together and follow the system to the shipping phase.

Upon customer request the system can be photographed during assembly.

IV. Testing and Benchmarking

Every assembled computer system needs to be tested under stress loads to make sure that there are no defects in system components and they all can work together in this particular system setup for a long period of time. Our goal in this phase is to determine absolute workability of the product by testing all system components under excessive loads including those which are usually rarely seen in real computer usage patterns. We use variety of methods and specially designed computer programs to determine steady 100% stability and compatibility. Many system parameters are checked at this stage, not just the ability of the computer system to work without errors during the testing period but also the parameters such as temperatures of the system components and noise characteristics.

V. Quality Control

Though many quality control tasks are permanently executed during the system assembly, software loading and testing/burning, we take seriously the importance of final quality assurance procedures. We perform both visual and reports-based quality assurance procedures. The visual quality control is performed by specially trained technicians who assure that assembly and wiring works are performed up to the company quality standards and policies. The second phase of quality assurance is based on handwritten checklists and software-generated reports. The entire testing and benchmarking process is documented in details for every system to make sure that nothing is missed. Even more, for customers reference all reports are stored on system's hard drive along with the drivers and some free testing utilities in an individual folder. Based on the reports a quality assurance specialist once again makes sure that everything was done up to the company quality standards and policies. In case of finding inadequacies, the system unexceptionally returns back to appropriate stage to correct all found problems. All systems are also photographed prior to shipping for quality assurance purposes.

VI. Packing and Shipping

Secure shipment is a crucial part of the successful and stress-free order fulfillment. Therefore all of our custom system shipments are fully insured and signature-required, and are shipped by the most secure shipping methods in the industry which include but are not limited to:

  • Inflatable plastic material and custom packaging foam to secure large internal system components such as CPU coolers and graphics cards.
  • Standard double-boxing for maximum protection and internal anti-vibration.
  • Custom padding to avoid messy packing peanuts and increase protection where necessary.
  • Freight shipments which are double-boxed and tightly strapped onto a pallet and shipped via dedicated delivery courier for ultimate protection.

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