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Our technical support team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients throughout the duration of ownership of their custom computers systems. In addition to traditional phone support, our online support options are extremely efficient in resolving non-critical issues such as for example: recurring error messages, regression of performance, problems with upgrades and peripherals, etc.

AVADirect support hours are 9:00am - 6:00pm ET Mon-Fri

Use can use any of the methods listed below to contact our technical support team.

Before contacting technical support, we highly recommend that you read through our handy collection of computer support guides. Using our guides, you can try to find appropriate solution or preliminary troubleshooting instructions that would speed up resolution of your particular issue.

AVADirect Support Forum

Having trouble with hardware or drivers? Ask us a question on our Support Forum, and AVADirect staff or a friendly forum user will be glad to help.


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To return merchandise for credit or replacement, or to initiate a repair process of your computer system that is still under warranty, please obtain a Return Merchant Authorization (RMA) number using Online RMA Request Form.


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You also have an option to use a message board located on the order page of the Customer Account. Messages submitted from the message board are instantly transferred to the attention of appropriate personnel. Login to your Customer Account to use this capability.


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Please fill out the form below with a brief description of your technical problem and we will reply in a timely manner.

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Troubleshooting System - No Power On

When a computer no longer powers on, it may indicate that there's a problem with one of the internal components. Sometimes, the issue is relatively simple and can be fixed with few minor troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide.

Troubleshooting System - No POST

Sometimes your computer may power up but would not show you anything on the monitor. Every system performs what's called a Power On Self Test (POST) when it's first turned on. If this POST even doesn't occur, then there's a potential problem within the system preventing it from completing. In this guide, you will find out how to troubleshoot POST-related problems.

Troubleshooting System - Boot errors

Occasionally, computers can experience various start-up errors, preventing you from getting to your desktop and loading the operating system. In this guide, you will learn how to troubleshoot the most common boot errors and be able to fix them effortlessly.

Viewing and Understand Blue Screen Crashes BSODs

When Windows Operating System crashes, it is designed to display a blue screen crash report, typically referred to as the Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD for short. This guide will help you understand what they mean and how they can help you isolate the issue with your system.

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

Having troubles connecting to your network? No problem, this guide will help you troubleshoot basic Network problems and help you isolate the issue.

Testing Memory Errors

If your computer is freezing or exhibiting other signs of instability, it may be suffering from memory errors. To test the memory of your system, we've published this easy-to-follow guide that will aid you in finding any memory errors that may exist.

Testing Hard Drive Errors

Hard drive errors can occur over time, as the mechanical parts inside of them began to fail. SSDs can also be subject to errors but the issues happen for different reasons and can often be remedied by updating the latest firmware. HDDs arenít as lucky and usually will continue to fail. This guide will help you troubleshoot your hard drives and look for potential problems.

Testing System Power

Computer systems can sometimes experience fatal power failures that can result in one or more component malfunctioning or simply no longer work due to various reasons. This guide covers the troubleshooting of a common problem whereby system doesnít turn on at all when you power it up.

CPU Fan Error Diagnostic

CPU fan error can sometimes occur if the main processor heatsink fan fails or begins to run below optimal speed. Obviously, if the CPU fan is not spinning at all or barely spinning, this would indicate a fan failure and needs to be replaced. This guide is here to help distinguish between the real fan failures, and potential false reports by motherboards.

Testing CPU Errors

Processor, or CPU for short, is one of the most important components of any computer system. The processor is required to operate error-free 100% of the time. If there are any errors, they can cause system instability and crashing. Typically the errors are manifested through a series of BSOD crashes, but may sometimes not appear if the Operating System does not even get a chance to detect a possible hardware failure. This guide will show you how to test your processor to make sure it's trouble-free.

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