Processing Times

Being responsive to your order is our priority and as a way to clarify the process, AVADirect has 3 classifications for the various types of orders:

  • Non-assembled ordered items, typically processed in 2-3 business days
  • Special orders – may exceed 3 business days subject to availability of product
  • Assembled items (desktops, notebooks, servers, barebones) typically are processed within 10-14 business days

PLEASE NOTE: If you elect one of our many customization options (custom painting, case and computer component modifications, custom wiring, liquid and other non-standard cooling solutions, installation of custom software and operating systems such as Linux and overclocking of system components) additional time is required. These customizations may take up to an additional 1-2 weeks.

If your requirements are unique or have special arrangements (order expediting, delivery date assurance, or large volume orders) please contact us prior to you placing your order to ensure a successful buying experience. Such orders may incur special priority fees.


AVADirect believes that communication is key to the success of our business; therefore, if you need to contact us, we offer several methods to best serve you:

  1. Phone. Dial 1-866-766-4629 to receive immediate assistance with sales, customer service, technical support and other inquiries.
  2. E-mail. Contact us via e-mail and we'll respond within 24 hours. (weekends excluded)
  3. Message Board. The message board is a unique tool designed to communicate with you without having to email or call AVADirect. To use the Message Board, as well as to check the status of your order(s), confirm features and services or follow the tracking number(s) you will need to activate your web account with us upon submission of your first order.

Order Changes - Types


  1. Configuration Changes.  While it may delay the order, we do allow configuration adjustments after the order has been placed and confirmed.  However, depending on the production status of your order, as well as the nature of the adjustment (parts availability and configuration compatibility) there is not always a guarantee that the requested configuration adjustment will be fulfilled.


  2. Address Changes. Shipping address cannot be changed or re-routed once the order ships. If you order by credit/debit card and the shipping address differs from the billing address on the credit/debit card account, the shipping address will be confirmed with the credit card company. All credit/debit card orders with unauthorized shipping addresses will be notified and placed on hold; if the situation is not rectified the order will be canceled. However, if the shipping address change request is denied, we do offer other forms of payments (PayPal, wire transfer, check, and money order).


  3. Cancellation. After the order is placed a cancellation fee of 10% will be applied. We may waive this cancellation fee at our sole discretion.

Order Processing Stages:

I. Payment Processing

Methods of Payment

We accept all major US credit cards, checks, money orders, PayPal and wire transfers. In addition, we accept Purchase Orders from government-funded and corporate entities.  However, we DO NOT accept COD orders or international or club credit cards.  All credit terms are subject for approval.

For you convenience, we accept the following as forms of payment:

  1. All major U.S. credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover)
  2. Personal and company checks issued by U.S.-based banks by mail and over the phone
  3. All money orders and cashier checks
  4. PayPal payments with confirmed U.S. Shipping Address
  5. Bank wire transfer

Payment Verification

Due to excessive fraudulent Internet activity, our payment verification process establishes financial security between both AVADirect and the consumer.  At AVADirect we utilize the following payment verification methods:

  1. CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS - all orders exceeding $500.00 require the submission of a Payment Authorization Form provided at checkout. Billing and shipping addresses must be verified with the cardholder’s bank. To expedite the payment processing, we recommend customers ensure that the address information including secondary shipping address is registered with the bank prior to order submission.
  2. MAILED PERSONAL AND COMPANY CHECKS - must be cleared before the order is processed, which may take up to 10 business days.  However, checks submitted over the phone are cleared instantly.  To pay by check over the phone, the customer must present a copy of the voided check and state ID.
  3. PAYPAL PAYMENTS - must be made from an account with a confirmed US Shipping Address.

NOTE: All purchase orders are subject to credit pre-approval.

Additional information regarding available payment methods and payment verification procedures can be obtained by contacting our accounting department.

II. Technical Verification

Due to the wide array of components and customizations that AVADirect provides in our custom system configurators, prior to production, it is our procedure to verify the components to ensure compatibility of your order with each system configuration being thoroughly analyzed and approved by an AVADirect certified technician.  Although, not all compatibility issues can be detected during this stage, it allows for our technicians to identify problematic custom configurations at an earlier stage in the construction.  In addition, this allows for AVADirect to make recommendations to you if we feel there would be a better component for your configuration to enhance your custom computers performance.

III. Assembly

Assembly is where the actual birth of your custom AVADirect computer system occurs.  It is where our craftsmanship, expertise and unique technology intertwine to create a truly personalized, one of a kind custom computer.  As we create your custom computer we follow the following procedures:

  • Before assembly begins, we thoroughly inspect each component against product defects and to ensure part number accuracy.
  • Once the inspection is successful, a certified technician determines the compatibility of all the components and then designs an internal system layout.
  • During the assembly of your computer our experienced technicians employ their knowledge and precision as they develop your intricate custom computer to assure the highest possible grade computer.

NOTE:  Upon customer request the system can be photographed during assembly.

IV. Testing and Benchmarking

As each computer is assembled, it is tested under the highest stress loads to assure there are not any defects within your system and to reconfirm compatibility between components.  AVADirect uses various methods and programs during the testing process to ensure not only the stability of your computer, but also proper temperatures and noise characteristics of your custom configuration.

V. Quality Control

At AVADirect we understand the importance of quality control and take it very serious throughout the entire scope of our quality assurance process.  During our final quality assurance, we perform both visual and report-based testing.  The visual quality control is performed by specially trained technicians who assure that assembly and wiring are performed at AVADirect’s highest standards.  The second phase of quality assurance is based on handwritten checklists and software-generated reports.  The entire testing and benchmarking process is documented in detail and referenced in each systems hard drive along with the computers drivers and free testing utilities.  In case our specialized technicians do find a problem with your system, we will resolve, restructure and re-assemble your computer and begin a new set of testing.  All systems are photographed prior to shipping for quality assurance purposes.

VI. Packing and Shipping

Secure shipment is imperative to the success of your order delivery.  As a result, all of our systems shipped are insured and require signatures upon delivery.  In addition, we follow the most secure shipping methods in the industry when packaging your system:

  • Inflatable plastic material and custom packaging foam are used to secure large internal system components such as CPU coolers and graphics cards.
  • Standard double-boxing for maximum protection and internal anti-vibration.
  • Custom padding that will add greater protection and avoid messy packing peanuts.