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Logistics Industry Interconnected Technology Solutions from AVADirect

Transportation and logistics organizations are undergoing a huge transformation to address new market opportunities driven by globalization. The complexity of logistics needs to be modeled and analyzed by powerful software to be optimized. Incoming information from many sources needs to be integrated. From a powerful central server to mobile scanning and monitoring stations, our dynamic team of industry professionals will ensure our configurations meet your rigorous requirements.

Ensure Supply Chain Visibility

For you, IT is not an expense, it is the engine for your revenue. The entire supply chain needs to be digitally connected to improve planning and efficiency. We help you grow and protect your network with a hardware that is reliable, secure and proven. Describe your supply chain and your business-critical software, and our dedicated staff will create a solution that meet your technical and budgetary needs, and will handle the demands of your business as it grows. We know durability is important, so all of our products, from inventory management servers, to mobile scanning tablets go through a 24-hour burn in to ensure stability.

Dedicated to Quality, Integrity and Long-Term Relationships.

At AVADirect we have long-term relationships in the logistics industry around the world. Our ability to work closely with technical or non-technical resources at any company has allowed us to build strong partnerships not only with our clients but also vendors, enabling us to provide excellent lifetime support and valid solutions for mitigating obsolescence. Additionally, our direct relationship with these vendors allows us to manage the supply chain for hard to find parts. Our technical support team is always ready to help our clientele with securing adequate replacements for when parts invariably go end-of-life.

AVADirect offers Evolutionary Technology

At AVADirect we specialize in the design, engineering, and production of customized high-performance computer systems. AVADirect’s custom computers span the spectrum from Windows or Linux manageable and highly-reliable servers to high-end computing workstations and, notebooks to barebones systems and parts. AVADirect Custom Computers is committed to providing the finest intricately built custom computer solutions in the industry by using the latest technology and supporting it with an optimum level of service to ensure customer satisfaction. All of our products are proudly built and supported in the USA.

AVADirect offers Evolutionary Technology