Due to the COVID-19 crisis, some orders may be delayed in fulfillment and shipping. Our sales team is able to advise on product availability and hardware recommendations. We are working very hard to support our customers and ensure safe conditions for our staff. Read More about how we’re handling COVID-19 Here. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, some orders may be delayed in fulfillment. Our sales team is able to advise on product availability and hardware recommendations. Read more Here.
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Custom Solutions to Higher Education

As technology continues to change the educational footprint, AVADirect delivers academic computing solutions tailored specifically to meet the demands of students, faculty and administrators to help higher education continue to develop and excel. In the classroom, a laboratory, or on the campus green; IT must provide technology solutions to ensure successful communication, collaboration and access to information both on and off campus. AVADirect delivers such solutions through its array of hardware configurations to provide institutions unparalleled levels of efficiency and flexibility.

The Challenge

The global teaching market has reached a new level of comprehensive technology applications spanning the spectrum from classrooms to research facilities. The convergence of IT functionality through interactive teaching methodologies is transforming the way students learn, study, and investigate.

With new wide-spread, big data information technology, educators can now implement virtual student work groups from across campuses, from home, and even overseas. Students can collaborate with each other and learn together in between classes while building an efficient relationship using technology while administrators can monitor performance. The entire spectrum collectively strives for higher levels of hardware concentrated around performance, creativity, and reliability.

AVADirect Advantage

  • Over 10 years of experience in computer design and production of custom computers
  • World-class customer service
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Partnerships with leading manufacturers
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Thorough testing
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Clients in Higher Education

We take great pride in providing the necessary custom computer solutions to higher education, enabling us to play a small part in shaping tomorrow’s leaders. AVADirect has provided turn-key solutions to educational institutions across the United States; provided are a few of our clients: University of California – Berkley, Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University, The Ohio State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Florida, and Stanford University.

AVADirect Featured Educational Partners Berkley John Hopkins University Carnegie Mellon University The Ohio State University Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Florieda Stanford University
AVADirect offers Evolutionary Technology All-in-One and ultramini PCs

Evolutionary Technology

To support this new, evolutionary technology standard, AVADirect Custom Computers has joined with leading educators at accredited higher education institutions, education dashboard application providers, and professional instructional research firms to build the most flexible and modular hardware systems on the market today. AVADirect’s educational IT solutions empower schools to facilitate anytime, anywhere instruction, and administration can rely on our secure servers, personal hardware, and integrated data storage solutions.

As a result, institutions can reduce operational expenses and provide hardware functionality to large scale education applications like Blackboard, Moodle and Pearson ECollege. They can also promote best practices across multiple departments including university research programs by deploying shared hardware services either onsite or through a hosting provider.

AVADirect Capabilities

  • Turn-key System Integration
  • R&D
  • Product Validation
  • Product Evaluation
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Blind Branding
  • Direct Fulfillment

AVADirect is helping to “restructure” the educational sector through technology enhancements while understanding how educators’ teach in today’s evolving classroom.

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