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Computer Solutions for Students

AVADirect has over 20 years building custom computers. We’ve bought tens of thousands of computers for everyone from the everyday home user, to eSports professionals. Whether you need a portable laptop capable of withstand four years of college or a mini PC capable of squeezing into your dorm, we can build you the perfect computer.

Student Laptops

Your options aren’t limited at AVADirect. Our student laptops offer a wide variety of customization options so that your laptop will deliver the performance you need. Whether you value portability, gaming, or something a little more durable, we can configure the perfect laptop for your lifestyle and needs.

Explore Student Laptops
student with laptop

Institutions That We’ve Worked With

AVADirect has provided custom desktops, VR-ready computers, and servers to hundreds of schools and universities throughout our 20 years of existence. If your university is in the list below, there’s a good chance we’re already in your internal systems and reordering will be a breeze. Contact our sales team to build your unique solution.

Carnegie Mellon University
Stanford University
The Ohio State University
Berkeley University
Johns Hopkins University
university of florida
Villanova university
VCU Rams
Pratt Institute
University of California
columbia state community college
arizona state university
bradley university
college of wooster
northwestern university
the university of chicago
the university of vermont
university of illinois
University of Pennsylvania
ohio northern university
virginia state university
Miami university
Kent State athletic
USC Trojans
georgetown university
duke university
university of maryland
cornell university
pittsburg university
rutgers university
Seal of University of California, Berkeley
Stony Brook University
Texas State University
University of California, Davis
university of hawaii
university of iowa
University of South Florida
University of Wisconsin System
University of Wisconsin
Mini PCs and Desktops for Dorm Rooms

Big performance can come in small packages! Low on desk space but need a PC that can push performance like a full-sized tower? Our AVADirect custom mini PCs are the perfect option! Create the compact PC of your dreams with our popular customization options. Get full-range PC capabilities while minimizing the size of your device.

Explore Mini PCs
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