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Custom Retail Industry Technology Solutions from AVADirect

With brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce sites, consumers have an ever-expanding choice of merchants — and they expect a seamless and engaging next-generation retail experience across all channels. Setting up shop with the right technology can help you create a compelling, customer-centric environment that sets you apart in the crowded retail landscape.

High Performance for the Perfect Retail Experience

From inventory management and optimization to staff mobilization, our dynamic team of industry professionals will ensure our configurations meet your rigorous requirements. Our equipment undergoes extensive thorough testing including 24-hour burn-in and is backed by our world-class technical support. Let the engineers and technical sales team at AVADirect design and build a turnkey solution for your retail business. From inventory management servers, to digital signage infrastructure, to in-store mobility tablets, our dedicated staff will create a solution that meet your technical and budgetary needs, and will handle the demands of your business as it grows.

Set Up Shop with the Right IT Solutions

You can rely on AVADirect to help you set up shop with the right technology to create a compelling, customer-centric environment that sets you apart in the crowded retail landscape. We will work with both technical and non-technical stakeholders to deliver a custom solution meets all of your business needs. Our products and solutions are covered by lifetime technical support, which is backed by our long-term relationships with our vendors that allow us to manage our supply chain for hard-to-find parts and mitigate obsolescence.

AVADirect offers Evolutionary Technology

Today’s retail environment requires data analytics, in-store mobility, security and a social media presence. At AVADirect our experience in the design, engineering, and production of customized high-performance computer systems allows us to deliver the right IT infrastructure to create the perfect retail experience. We use the latest technology to bring you finest intricately built custom powerful computing workstations, highly secure servers, and rugged laptops. All AVADirect products and solutions are proudly built and supported in the USA.

AVADirect offers Evolutionary Technology