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With an AVADirect Custom Mining Solution

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GPU Mining Made Easy
Why build a mining rig yourself when you can have a team of professionals do it for you and deliver it right to your door?
Mine Any Currency
Versatile GPU mining solutions compatible for mining Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin, Bitcoin (BTC), ZCash (ZEC) or any other altcoin you desire.
Make a Profit
Let your hardware earn you money. Turn a profit with a money-making machine designed specifically for crypto mining, using up to 8 powerful graphics cards.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption tactics are used to regulate, verify and identify transactions. Your GPUs’ power is then used to run the equations necessary for the bookkeeping services behind the currency, which is essentially mining.

Roughly, every 10 minutes the cryptocurrency you choose to mine will release a large block of data containing all of the transaction information that has happened in that time. An entire network of users all allowing the currency to use their GPUs power to run algorithms to verify the transactions contained in the block. There can be thousands of GPUs used to process a single block of data.

Once this block of information has been processed all those involved are rewarded a small fee, depending on how much information they processed. The more data you’re able to process with your GPUs, the higher your payout typically is!

Digging for Cryptocurrency

Buy mining computers with AVADirect and let your GPUs do all the work with a rig specifically designed to make you a profit by mining cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrencies use the power from GPUs in order to process and verify their transactions within their network. Be a part of the movement and get rewarded for your services.
Outsource your GPUs and start mining digital currency now!

Build your GPU mining rig with AVADirect
Start mining
Configure Your software and start mining
Get Paid
Get paid with newly generated currency for your GPU processing power!

Get Ready to Build Your Own AVADirect Mining Solution

You don’t need a separate rig to mine various cryptocurrencies.
Typically you see etherium miner rigs, bitcoin miner rigs, and zcash miners that are all limited to mining one specific currency,
but our GPU mining rigs allow you to switch between currencies without having to find various mining servers for sale.

It Pays for Itself

Use your mining profits to pay for your rig!
Get set up with our easy financing options and let it pay for itself!

Build Yours Now

Built for Success

Professionally Built and Optimized for Maximum Mining Efficiency

Efficient Cooling

Maximize your profits, minimize the risk of equipment failure and improve your performance with a professionally installed cooling system. Proper ventilation, airflow and fan placement keep your components running cooler. This increases the longevity of your GPUs, motherboard and PSUs and reduces the cost of additional cooling, which is crucial when they’re operating 24/7

Powerful Performance

Get robust processing power and efficiency with up to 8 graphics cards! Optimized to handle compute-intensive tasks, solve difficult equations and process transactions. Better performance equals bigger return on your investment

Customized for Mining

You don’t need a bitcoin mining rig, zcash mining rig or etherium mining rig, when you can configure a custom AVADirect GPU mining rig.
All of the components available in our GPU mining solutions have been selected for optimum mining performance.
Choose from our preconfigured mining farms for sale or upgrade certain components, such as the graphics card, processor, power supply and HDD to customize it to your specific needs.

What type of setup do you need? Choose from two different solutions. Both cases are designed for GPU mining, with the ability to hold multiple graphics cards and provide efficient cooling.

1. 6 GPU tower - This case is ideal for housing at home. It does not require additional mounting tools.

2. 8 GPU rackmount server - This case is ideal for mounting on a rack. It will allow you to easily place several computational modules in one rack, which will save space and increase your profits.
Each of the motherboards included in our mining solutions have been hand selected for their efficiency with crypto mining. They’re optimized for power efficiency and stable operation in 24/7 mode and offer more PCI Express expansion slots for installing multiple graphics cards, since the profitability of your farm depends on these factors.
Choose from either the Radeon RX or GeForce GTX 30 Series graphics cards to power your ultimate mining solution, giving you efficient performance, processing power and a flexible choice of currencies, all of which will maximize your profit. PCIe riser cards included.
Choose from either an Intel Pentium or Core i3 processor to power your mining solution for faster processing when handling heavy loads.
A larger amount of power is needed to keep all of your GPUs running at maximum performance, 24/7. Lower your power costs and get maximum power efficiency with a selection of paired high-wattage PSUs.

Don’t get fooled by ads featuring mining computers for sale when you can purchase one directly from an industry professional
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