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16TB Ultrastar DC HC550 WUH721816ALE6L4, 7200 RPM, SATA 6Gb/s, 512e/4Kn, 512MB cache, SIE, 3.5" HDD

  • SKU: 13452532
  • Manufacturer: WESTERN DIGITAL
  • MPN: 0F38462
  • Availability: USUALLY SHIPS WITHIN 3-5 DAYS
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16TB Ultrastar DC HC550 WUH721816ALE6L4, 7200 RPM, SATA 6Gb/s, 512e/4Kn, 512MB cache, SIE, 3.5" HDD
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Drives the Data Center Architecture. Data center decisions are driven by TCO. Higher capacity hard drives play a leading role in reducing TCO. An 18TB data center HDD provides 29% more capacity in the same form factor as a 14TB HDD. Higher capacity HDDs enable data centers to lower CapEx by reducing supporting hardware and system level costs when compared to lower capacity drives. Helium-sealed, low power, high reliability drives reduce energy and maintenance costs, contributing to OpEx savings. For example, a data center using 18TB HDDs vs. 14TB HDDs can require 22% fewer racks while consuming 21% less power per TB at idle, resulting in significant overall TCO reduction for data center environments ** SINGLE P
Model WUH721816ALE6L4
Interface SATA 6Gb/s
Capacity 16TB
Format: Sector size (bytes) 4Kn: 4096
512e: 512
Areal Density (Gbits/sq. in, max) 918 (16TB)
Data buffer (MB) 512
Rotational speed (RPM) 7200
Latency average (ms) 4.16
Interface transfer rate (MB/s, max) 600
Sustained transfer rate
(MB/s, max) / (MiB/s, max)
262/250 (16TB)
Error rate (non-recoverable bits read) 1 in 1015
Load/Unload cycles (at 40°C) 600,000 
Availability (hrs/day x days/wk) 24x7 
MTBF (M hours, projected)  2.5
Annualized Failure Rate
(AFR, projected)
Workloads Up to 550 TB/year
Limited warranty (yrs) 5
Idle/Operating (Bels, typical) 2.0/3.6
Requirement +5 VDC, +12VDC
Operating (W) 6.5
Idle (W) 5.6
Power consumption efficiency at idle (W/TB) 0.35
Physical Size
z-height (mm) 26.1
Dimensions (width x depth, mm) 101.6 (+/-0.25) x 147
Weight (g, max) 690
Environmental (Operating)
Ambient temperature 5° to 60°C
Shock (half-sine wave, 2ms, G) 50
Vibration (G RMS, 5 to 500Hz) 0.67 (XYZ)
Environmental (Non-operating)
Ambient temperature -40° to 70°C
Shock (half-sine wave, 2ms, G) 250 (2ms)
Vibration (G RMS, 2 to 200Hz) 1.04 (XYZ)