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Built by Supermicro 1U Rackmount Servers

The Perfect Solution for Your Custom 1U Rackmount Server Needs

Get exactly what you need with a powerful 1U rackmount server from AVADirect, customized to your specifications and expertly stress-tested and built by highly trained technicians. Building a 1U server can be annoying due to the size limitations of the server chassis. You may be dealing with a smaller component selection when configuring your 1U server. Keeping these configurations cool can also be complex due to the need for more airflow and limited cooling options.

1U rackmount servers are perfect for your small business or enterprise, powerful enough to handle your applications and services without exceeding your budget. Our sales team has extensive experience building 1U servers. Contact our sales team if you have questions about configuring your custom server.

Configure your system with your favorite components from top brands, from up to 10 hard drives or SSDs, GPU-optimized supercomputing solutions, remote workstations, networking devices, and more. In addition, our 1U rackmount servers are thoroughly stress tested for up to 72 hours to ensure stability and keep your business and network running smoothly.