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8GB Signature Line DDR5 4800MHz, CL40, SO-DIMM Memory

  • SKU: 15996762
  • Manufacturer: PATRIOT MEMORY
  • MPN: PSD58G480041S
  • Availability: USUALLY SHIPS WITHIN 1-3 WEEKS
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8GB Signature Line DDR5 4800MHz, CL40, SO-DIMM Memory

Patriot's Signature Line DDR5 (PSD58G480041S) memory modules are
designed to deliver an immense performance improvement
for next generation Intel platforms. Requiring only 1.1V of
power, Signature DDR5 modules consume less power and
emit less heat despite the increased frequency and speed.
Enhanced power improvements include an onboard Power
Management IC (PMIC), which provides better control of
local voltage regulation while delivering increased threshold
protection, simultaneous monitoring, intelligent voltage,
and power management. The Signature Line DDR5 series
includes onboard thermal sensors to monitor and protect
against thermal issues and better overall reporting. In
addition, the latest on-die ECC (Error-Correcting Code)
further enhances the accuracy of data-processing and your
overall system's stability.
With limited lifetime warranty, Patriot's Signature Line DDR5
RAM is the breakthrough choice for avid system integrators
and those looking to expand their system's memory
performance. The Signature Line DDR5 memory modules
offer a wide range of capacities and configurations, allowing
users to get the most from the latest Intel platforms for the
best compatibility.

  • Series: Signature Line
  • Form Factor: 262-Pin Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory
    Module (SODIMM)
  • Technology: DDR5 Non-ECC Unbuffered
  • Capacity: 8GB (1x8GB)
  • Power Management IC (PMIC)
  • Sideband access with I3C/I2C support
  • SPD Hub with thermal sensor
  • (One) 1 Rank Single-sided module
  • 100% Tested
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Frequency 4800MHz (PC5-38400)
Timings 40-40-40-70
Voltage 1.1v
On-die ECC