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AMD B550 A4-H2O Gaming PC

Starting At $1139

Custom assembly SKU 14807571

  • Socket: AM4
  • CPU: Ryzen 3 , Ryzen 5 , Ryzen 5 APU , Ryzen 7 , Ryzen 7 APU
  • Chipset: AMD B550
  • Memory: Up to 64 GB
  • Storage: Up to 3 hard drives or SSD drives
  • Graphics: Supports up to 1 video cards

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Core Components

Small Case



(Available Options: 26)

Video Card

(Available Options: 155)

Quantity: Max: 1 (Max Qty depends on Processor)

ADD ON FEATURE: Overclocking


(Available Options: 300)

Note: Memory advertised at high speeds (3200MHz+) may not be guaranteed and rely on several variables in order for a system to run stable, many of which are out of AVADirect’s control. If high-speed memory is important for your system’s intended use, please contact our Sales department to determine what is possible.

Power Supply

(Available Options: 25)

Quantity: Min: 1 (Max Qty depends on Video Card)

CPU Liquid Cooling

(Available Options: 33)

Thermal Compound

(Available Options: 10)


M.2 Storage

(Available Options: 141)

Quantity: Max: 2 (Max Qty depends on Motherboard)

ADD ON FEATURE: Storage Subsystem Configuration

Quantity: Max: 1 (Max Qty depends on M.2 Storage)

HDD/SSD Storage

(Available Options: 72)

External Optical Drive

(Available Options: 12)


Case Lighting

Custom Finish

Custom Vinyl Decal

(Available Options: 59)

Note: Permanent vinyl decal applied by AVADirect. Made to fit side panels up to 23” x 11”. By default, decal will be printed to largest scalable size relative to 2” from side panel edge. If the side panel is mesh or not usable the front panel will be used. Please contact our sales team for further decal customization options including size, color, and available images.


Operating System

(Available Options: 9)

Note: We offer Linux! Contact us for installation options.

Antivirus Software

(Available Options: 63)

Productivity Software

(Available Options: 7)

System Recovery Software

(Available Options: 12)


(Available Options: 16)



(Available Options: 286)

Quantity: Max: 4


(Available Options: 99)


(Available Options: 110)

Mouse Pads

(Available Options: 40)

Control Device

(Available Options: 44)

VR Headsets


(Available Options: 101)


(Available Options: 8)


(Available Options: 45)

Web Camera

(Available Options: 16)

Sound Card

(Available Options: 9)

Wireless Network Card

(Available Options: 14)

Wireless Routers and Access Points

(Available Options: 33)

Trusted Platform Module

(Available Options: 15)

UPS System

(Available Options: 18)

Surge Protector or Power Strip

(Available Options: 37)

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