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AVR AVR750U, 750 VA/450 W, Sine Wave, Tower UPS

  • SKU: 372
  • Manufacturer: TRIPP LITE
  • MPN: AVR750U
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AVR AVR750U, 750 VA/450 W, Sine Wave, Tower UPS
AVR 750VA UPS 120V LINE-INT 12OUT 5-15R TEL USB - 750 VA
Model AVR750U
VA Rating 750 VA
Watts 450 Watts
Output Voltage 120Vac +/- 5%
Outlets 12
Battery Run Time 4 minutes
Battery Recharge Time 2-4 hours to 90%
Interface Port USB
Data Line Protection Tel/DSL
Surge Energy Rating 400 joules
Features AVR750U line-interactive UPS offers protection from blackouts, brownouts and surges on both AC and Tel/DSL line connections
Built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) boosts brownouts as low as 83V and reduces overvoltages up to 147V back to usable 120V nominal levels
12 outlets, 4 of which are widely spaced to accommodate large transformer blocks without obscuring adjacent outlets
6 battery-supported outlets protect computers, monitors and vital system peripherals, plus 6 additional surge suppression-only outlets for printers and other system accessories not requiring battery support
Provides battery-derived AC output during blackouts, voltage boost during brownouts and voltage reduction during overvoltages
750VA / 450 watt power-handling ability supports a variety of PCs, workstations and other sensitive electronics
Supports entry-level PC systems up to 35 minutes during blackout conditions
Built-in single-line Tel/DSL line surge suppression protects modems, fax machines or cordless phones
USB port, included USB cable and PowerAlert software offer safe, unattended shutdown without data loss during extended outages
HID-compliant USB port enables full integration with built-in power management and auto shutdown features of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
Supports Tripp Lite's Watchdog system service to restore operation to locked equipment through soft reboot of application / OS or hard power off/on reboot of connected equipment - ideal for unattended kiosk applications
Hot-swappable user battery replacement supported via battery access door
Space-saving, ultra-compact housing fits almost anywhere
Keyhole mounting flanges enable secure wallmount installation
Dimensions 4 x 12 x 7
Weight 15.3
Package Contents 21584G