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Adapter Card, 4 Port PCIe Riser Adapter Board PCI-E 1x to 4 USB 3.0 PCI-E Rabbet GPU, 6 PIN Extension Cables

SKU: 13981067

Manufacturer: QWERU


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  • Effectively solve the problem that the mother board PCI-E interface is not enough, an interface can be extended out of 4.
  • Plug-in board design, directly connected to the motherboard interface without extension cable, and can be fixed to the chassis, greatly improving the stability and reliability.
  • The main control board adopts the PCI-E interface direct power supply mode, no external power line is needed, so that the main control power is not affected by external interference, and the stability is higher.
  • Reducing the number of adapters and patch cords, one wire directly to the interface, effectively reduce interface interference and wire loss, ensure data reliability, and improve work efficiency.
  • The USB connector is gold-plated, which reduces interference between interfaces and enhances data integrity.
Type Riser Card
Data transmission speed 5000 (MB/s)
Number of branch connectors 1 to 4
Wire core type Copper core
Size 12x5.5x7.5cm