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Advanced Overclocking, Multiple Profiles

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Our advanced overclocking will create up to three different overclocking profiles so that you can choose at any time how you want your system to perform.

  1. Mild Overclock Profile, 10% - 20% for quiet operation
  2. Medium Overclock Profile, 20% - 25% for dominating performance
  3. Maximum Overclock Profile, 25% and up for extreme performance

For the best results we recommend that the following system components be chosen:

  • A high-end processor specifically made for overclocking (Extreme or Black editions)
  • A high-end motherboard
  • High-end system cooling such as custom liquid or advanced air cooling (CPU cooler and case fans)
  • High-end memory that can accept a full range of frequencies and voltages
  • A power supply that is rated for double than what is needed for stable operation

Important Notes:

Please be aware that all chips are slightly different. We overclock to the best stability and speeds that we can achieve on a per chip basis. This means we cannot guarantee that our overclocking service will produce the maximum overclock stated.

Also, not all motherboards will support these overclocking profiles. Please contact our sales department to determine which motherboards and other components are best suited for this option.