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The Summit of Gaming Performance

Gaming Desktop - Avalanche II Hardline Liquid Cooled Gaming PC
Play your favorite games at high graphics quality and high resolutions with high frame rates, thanks to the overclocking and liquid cooling performance of the Avalanche II.
Up to Intel Core i9‑9900K
Intel Z390

Pre-installed 2
Graphics Cards
Liquid Cooled

The hardline liquid cooled Avalanche gaming PCs combine impressive gaming performance and stunning aesthetics.

The ultimate gaming PC is waiting for you at AVADirect. Achieve incredible gaming performance with a liquid cooling PC designed with overclocking and maximum graphics performance in mind. Get high-quality graphics at a high resolution without sacrificing your framerates, thanks to overclocking and the custom liquid cooling performance of our Avalanche liquid cooled gaming PC.

The performance needed to run games at higher settings comes at the cost of hotter components. While overclocking does increase performance, it can also cause your components to heat up even more. Maintain steady temperatures and optimal coolant flow with the handcrafted hardline liquid cooling found in our AVADirect water cooled PCs.

A liquid cooled gaming PC allows you to enjoy your favorite games at high framerates while running at optimal graphics settings. AVADirect’s hand built liquid cooling chills both the CPU and the graphics card to make sure that the components working the hardest remain at steady temperatures even after hours of gaming. The handcrafted tubing featured in our Avalanche hardline liquid cooled PC uses rigid PETG tubing that delivers the coolant to the components that need it most, surpassing the performances of tradition liquid cooling systems.

Show off the gorgeous interior of your new Avalanche water cooled PC with its clear-side panels displaying the gorgeous handcrafted tubing, designed and installed by our professionals. Custom LED strips allow you to feature your interior components, with your choice of up to 20 preset options or full customization of the interior lighting that can match any of the games you’re playing. If RGBs aren’t your thing, you can always turn the LED lighting off completely for a more subdued look in your AVADirect liquid cooling PC.

Now you can configure your very own water cooled PC and have the experts build it for you at AVADirect, with our online configurators! We work with top component manufacturers in order to ensure that we have the latest components available at release. Choose to upgrade the video card in your ultimate gaming PC to the latest that NVIDIA has to offer for the ultimate gaming experience or push your performance even further with the latest CPU from Intel. Our hardline liquid cooled PCs also come VR ready, so you can seamlessly immerse yourself without worrying if your computer will be able to handle the heavy hardware requirements needed for a smooth VR experience. Are you ready to push your water cooled PC to the max?

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