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BPU-340MS-BLACK 3x 5.25" to 4x 3.5" 2.5" 12Gb/s HDD SSD SFF-8643 Hot-swap Rack

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  • Manufacturer: ISTARUSA
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BPU-340MS-BLACK 3x 5.25" to 4x 3.5" 2.5" 12Gb/s HDD SSD SFF-8643 Hot-swap Rack

High level Raid and high availability storage in compact design, BPU-340MS series adds extra storage and hot-swap capability to satisfy any application needs. Aluminum body and extra 80mm cooling fan subsystem complete a high end data storage server or workstation. High density multi-disk storage backplane that allows multiple four 3.5" SAS/SATA hard drives to be mounted into three standard 5.25" drive bays. BPU-340MS supports RAID 1/0/1+0/5 configuration for high performance or redundancy data application. Aluminum construction provides best heat dissipation required for high performance SAS/SATA drives, is designed with excellent front to back vent airflow. Applications: Digital Audio Editing,Video Editing (SD or HD), Security System, SOHO SMEs With Limit HDD Tray and Data Protection or Disk-to-Disk Backup.

Model Number BPU-340MS-BLACK
RoHS Compliance Yes
Standard Drive Bays Hotswap 3.5": 4
5.25" Drives: 3
Hotswap HDD Type: 2.5" & 3.5" SAS I/II/III & SATA I/II/III
Indicators Power, HDD, fan, and high temperature
Material of Front Bezel Aluminum
Material of Handle Aluminum
Material of Main Chassis Aluminum Design with Conductive Dissipation Grooves
Color of Front Bezel Black/ Blue/ Red/ Silver
Color of Main Chassis Black
Package Content SATA Cable Included (4pcs)
Cooling Fan 1x80mm
Ordering Information
(Part Number)
Black Tray:BPU-340MS-BLACK
Blue Tray:BPU-340MS-BLUE
Red Tray:BPU-340MS-RED
Silver Tray:BPU-340MS-SILVER
Lockable Tray:BPU-340MS-BPL
Dimensions (WxHxD) 5.75" x 4.96" x 8.03"
146.0 mm x 126.0 mm x 204.0 mm