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CSE-PT8L 1U Rackmount Rail Kit

  • SKU: 32111
  • Manufacturer: SUPERMICRO
  • Availability: USUALLY SHIPS WITHIN 3-5 DAYS
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CSE-PT8L 1U Rackmount Rail Kit
CSE-PT8L 1U Rackmount Rail KIT
At Supermicro, product reliability is of the highest importance. Supermicro's engineering team has instilled stability, reliability and functionality into its products throughout the entire process from product design to manufacturing. Quality is assured by using only the best components in every step of production. Products from Supermicro are all put through rigorous environmental and computational testing to expose any possible problems that might even go undetected under normal operating conditions


Product Type 1U Rack mounting kit
Manufacturer Supermicro
Manufacturer Part# CSE-PT8