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EK-D-RGB Adapter Cable Set

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  • Manufacturer: ekwb
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EK-D-RGB Adapter Cable Set

The EK-D-RGB Adapter Cable set enables you to use EK-RGB 4-Way Splitter Cable with 3-pin digital addressable LED strips. 

EK-D-RGB Female Adapter Cable is used to connect the motherboard D-LED header to the EK-RGB 4-Way Splitter cable. EK-D-RGB Male Adapter Cable is used to connect the EK-RGB 4-Way Splitter Cable to the 3-Pin D-LED strip. The EK-RGB Extension cable is connected in the same manner.

EK-RGB Extension Cable and EK-RGB 4-Way Splitter Cable are sold separately.


- EK-D-RGB Female Adapter Cable
- EK-D-RGB Male Adapter Cable

Technical Specification:

- Length: 120 ± 5 mm
- Color: Black


  • Please refer to motherboard manufacturer manual or RGB controller manufacturer manual for LED type compatibility, maximum power load and maximum allowed LED strip length.

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