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EK-Loop Soft Tube 10/16mm 3m - Clear

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  • Manufacturer: ekwb
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EK-Loop Soft Tube 10/16mm 3m - Clear

EK-Loop Soft Tube 10/16mm 3m - Clear is the highest clarity transparent soft tubing EK has ever created. It has high transmissibility to UV-Type A and UV-Type B, allowing compatibility with UV reactive coolants. But it also has low transmissibility to UV-Type C to prevent deterioration and discoloration of the coolant. Designed and manufactured for the most demanding customers, who want the added practicality and ease of use of soft tubing.

- Highly durable
- Transparent
- UV-Type C, Beta, and Gamma Rays Resistant
- UV Reactive
- Non-Phthalate plasticizer
- Environmentally responsible, safe, and non-toxic product

Technical Specifications:
- Material: PVC
- Color: Clear, UV-reactive
- Length: 3 meters
- Operating temperature range: up to 50°C

Other Specifications:
- Phthalate Free
- FDA Approved ingredients

Internal diameter (ID): 10 mm (3/8")
Outer diameter (OD): 16 mm (5/8")