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EK-Quantum Surface S360 - Black

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  • Manufacturer: ekwb
  • MPN: 3831109838198
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EK-Quantum Surface S360 - Black

ekwb EK-Quantum Surface S360 (3831109838198). With a thickness of only 30mm, the EK-Quantum S Series Surface radiators are ideal for space-constrained cases. Despite the reduced thickness, they deliver exceptional performance at very low and medium fan speeds. A total of 16 copper 2mm wide tubes across the entire length of the radiator assure optimal coolant flow putting no stress on your cooling loop. High-grade non-louvered copper fins with 20 FPI density provide the best balance between thermal transfer and air resistance for optimal performance even at low-speed fan operation. A Push/Pull setup on an S Series EK-Quantum Surface radiator is not something EK would recommend since it will not bring a proportional performance increase. If more cooling power is needed, adding additional radiators is the way to go.

Technical and Material Specifications:

- High-grade 99.9% copper fins
- Copper H90 tubing 
- Brass H62 end tank chambers 
- Stainless Steel side plates 
- Extruded Aluminum Silver anodized end piece covers 
- Brass nickel-plated extenders and plugs 

Dimensions: 405 x 130 x 30mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 0.95kg
FPI: 20
Port threads: 2x G1/4"
Fan compatibility: 120x120x25mm fan
Pressure tested: 1bar


- EK-Quantum Surface S series radiator
- 12x M4x30mm for 25mm thick fans 
- 12x M4x5mm for mounting the radiator directly to the case

Designed and Engineered in Slovenia
Made in China

Threads G1/4
# of Fans 3
Fan Dimension 120mm