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EK-Supreme LTX CSQ

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  • Manufacturer: ekwb
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EK-Supreme LTX CSQ

EK-Supreme LTX CSQ (LTX stands for Light XTreme) is a universal Intel socket CPU waterblock for the advanced enthusiast users. It has been designed to lower the production costs yet still offer the EK quality branded CPU waterblock at the best price.

EK-Supreme LTX CSQ is a successor of successful EK-Supreme LT which debuted in 2007.
It's main improvements are:
better flow: due to improved channel depth design up to 10% higher flow compared to EK-Supreme LT
better cooling performance

The EK-Supreme LTX CSQ cooling engine uses fin design. The water (coolant) accelerates through 46 very thin channels which provide extreme cooling surface area. Very thin copper base bottom wall even further improves cooling performance.

The base plate is made of electrolytic copper lapped and polished to +/- 0.0007mm flatness. The top is made of quality cast, satin finished acrylic material.

Hybrid Thermal Solution: ready for air and water cooling: Featuring sharp ROG design, the Hybrid Thermal Solution heatsink integrates a 100% copper heatpipe and a water cooling channel with electroplated barb fittings to prepare you for air and water cooling. Boost heat removal from CPU VRMs, and achieve the overclocking and gaming stability advantage with double the flexibility.

CPU socket compatibility
- Intel LGA-775
- Intel LGA-1366
- Intel LGA-1150/1155/1156
- Intel LGA 2011
Enclosed in the box
- EK-Supreme LTX series water block
- Classic CPU mounting mechanism
Caution  No backplate is included. EK highly recommends EK-LGA 115x TRUE Backplate for all Intel LGA-1150/1155/1156 platform users! LGA-2011 requires no backplate. EK recommends EK-Supremacy Backplate for LGA-775 and LGA-1366 platform users.
Material / Design / Color option Copper Plexi
Threads G1/4
Prepared for LED Diode 3mm

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