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Eisstation (15372) DC-LT - Solo Pump Top

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  • Manufacturer: Alphacool
  • MPN: 15372
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Eisstation (15372) DC-LT - Solo Pump Top

The Eisstation DC-LT Solo Top from the Enterprise Solutions series is an extremely compact pump top and is very powerful together with the DC-LT pump. It shows its strengths wherever space is at a premium or where a pump needs to be accommodated in a space-saving manner. The Top is compatible with the DC-LT pump series and is also well suited for small water cooling systems including 1U server racks. If the upper aluminium plate (don’t worry, this doesn’t touch fluid) is removed, the top can also be extended with a reservoir. Under the plate there is also a bubble down filter which minimizes the suction of air bubbles. With the reservoir combination, the pump top corresponds to the Eisstation 40 DC-LT series. You can put the pump top almost anywhere; it is very practical and versatile. The included accessories a Velcro mat with which the top can be fixed anywhere in the housing. There is a Velcro mat included with the accessories which adheres very well and provides a secure hold. If you prefer to use mounting feet, you can order them separately and install the Eisstation at multiple angles such as 30 degrees or 90 degrees. To install the pump, remove the plate on the bottom and insert the O-ring. The pump is then screwed down and the plate reattached. This way the pump is completely covered by the top and protected from all sides.

  • 1x Pump top
  • 1x Stop Fitting
  • 2x M3x8 screws
  • 2x M4x6 screws
  • 2x M3x5 screws
  • 1x Stop Fitting - Tool
  • 1x Hexagon key
  • 1x Velcro mat
Dimensions 50.62 x 50.62 x 37.2 mm (W x D x H)
Net weight 64 g 
Maximum working temperature 60 °C 
Connections 3x G1/4" 
Pressure tested 1.5 Bar 
Certificates CE, FC, ROHS

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