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FAN-0101L4 40mm, 14400RPM, 27.5 CFM, 59 dBA Counter-Rotating Fan

  • SKU: 5967316
  • Manufacturer: SUPERMICRO
  • MPN: FAN-0101L4
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FAN-0101L4 40mm, 14400RPM, 27.5 CFM, 59 dBA Counter-Rotating Fan

Supermicro FAN-0101L4. Delta (GFB0412SHS-CA01) FAN-0101L4 is a standard fan for general 1U series chassis. This fan has been fully tested and validated by Supermicro to ensure the best quality and cooling performance.

Manufacturer Delta
Fan Size 40mm
Rated Fan Speed 14400 RPM [Inlet] / 10700 RPM [Outlet]
Acoustic Noise Level 59 dBA
Maximum Airflow Rate 27.5 CFM
Rate Current (A) 1A
Connector 4 Pin
Dimensions 40L x 40H x 56W (mm)
Validated Chassis CSE-111TQ-563CB, CSE-111TQ-563UB, CSE-111TQ-600CB, CSE-111TQ-600UB, CSE-116AC-R700WB, CSE-116AC2-R706WB, CSE-116AC2-R706WB2, CSE-116TQ-R700CB, CSE-116TQ-R700WB, CSE-116TQ-R706WB, CSE-119TQ-R700UB, CSE-119TQ-R700WB, CSE-119XTQ-BR700WB, CSE-809T-780B, CSE-815T-330CB, CSE-815T-330UB, CSE-815T-563UB, CSE-818TQ-1400LPB, CSE-819TQ-R700UB, CSE-819TQ-R700WB, CSE-LA15TQC-R706AW, CSE-LB13AC2-R706AW, CSE-LB16AC2-R504W, CSE-LB16AC2-R706AW, CSE-LB16AC10-R706AW
Search Terms A8-04056CDE-001C001, GFB0412SHS-7M1X
Warranty 1 year warranty
Product Environmental Compliance RoHS and REACH compliant, details available upon request