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HOTAS Magnetic Base

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  • Manufacturer: THRUSTMASTER
  • MPN: 2960846
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HOTAS Magnetic Base

The HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick’s renowned magnetic base is celebrating 10 years of excellence! Thrustmaster is proud to offer a standalone version of the magnetic base for the very first time, sporting a special logo to mark the occasion.


  • Detachable metal plate for desk or cockpit-style use
  • Super stable weighted base (weighs more than 4.4 lb / 2 kg without a flight stick grip installed)

Features H.E.A.R.T Hall Effect AccuRate Technology

  • 3D (Hall Effect) magnetic sensors: surgical precision that won’t decrease over time
  • 16-bit resolution (65,536 x 65,536 values)
  • System featuring 5 coil springs: firm, linear, smooth tension, without any dead zones

Extensive in-game compatibility

  • Compatible with all flight simulation games

Compatible with the T.A.R.G.E.T advanced programming software (

  • Create game profiles for a completely customizable flight experience

Compatible on PC with the following Thrustmaster flight stick grips

  • HOTAS Cougar™ *
  • HOTAS Warthog™ *
  • F-16C Viper™ *
  • F/A-18C Hornet™ *

* Sold separately

Dimensions Width: 9.1 inches / 232 mm
Depth: 10.6 inches / 270 mm
Height: 3.9 inches / 100 mm
Weight 5.3 lb / 2.4 kg
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