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AVADirect Systems Now Featuring Intel’s Newest Processors, the 4790K and 4690K

AVADirect is pleased to announce the arrival of a new line of Haswell processors from Intel. Built on a 22nm process, these new chips provide greatly improved stock frequencies and a level of overclocking headroom previously unheard of.

ENHANCED COOLING: Employing a unique next generation polymer as thermal interface material, Intel is able to help enthusiasts reach new limits, as these processors run up to 15% cooler under extreme loads.

INCREDIBLE STOCK FREQUENCY: Receiving a stock frequency bump of nearly 500mhz over the previous 4770k, the 4790k brings great out of box performance.

UNLIMITED TWEAKABILITY: As K series CPUs, these ship with an unlocked multiplier, and can be pushed to the absolute limits of even the most exotic cooling solutions, with reports of up to 6.3Ghz using extreme LN2 cooling.

A NEW HORIZON FOR PERFORMANCE: Featuring a stock clock speed of 4ghz, and overclocked numbers reaching 5ghz on air cooling, without the extensive exotic cooling solutions that defined Haswell overclocking in the past the 4790k processor represents a new benchmark for computing performance, without the complications.

AVADirect is very pleased to be in a position to offer these incredible new CPUs, which are now available in several of our custom configurations. AVADirect be YOUR partner, and configure a dream gaming PC with the newest intel Haswell I7 4790K processor at its core!

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