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IceMyst 420, 420mm Radiator, Liquid Cooling System

  • SKU: 17174017
  • Manufacturer: SILVERSTONE
  • MPN: IM420-ARGB
  • Availability: USUALLY SHIPS WITHIN 1-3 WEEKS
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IceMyst 420, 420mm Radiator, Liquid Cooling System

Aesthetically pleasing lighting effects

IceMyst series features integrated ARGB lighting effects on the water block and fans, providing tasteful internal system lighting.

  • SilverStone's newly designed expandable water block features a seamless 360° rotatable top cover
  • Modular cabling design greatly simplifies connection and management of cables
  • Slight-convexed copper baseplate ensures firm contact with the processor
  • Radiator-optimized cooling fans with tremendous airflow and static pressure figures
  • Three-phase, six-pole motor design
  • ARGB controller included with 10 lighting modes, along with adjustable brightness and color-changing speed
Model No. SST-IM420-ARGB
Application Intel LGA 115X/1200/1700/2011/2066
AMD socket AM5/AM4
Water block
Dimension 73mm (W) x 70mm (H) x 84mm (D)
2.87" (W) x 2.76" (H) x 3.31" (D)
Material Copper base with plastic body
Motor speed 3,100 ±10% RPM
Rated Voltage 12V
Rated Current 0.38A
Connectors 2510 - 3 pin
Dimension 140mm (W) x 28mm (H) x 456mm (D)
5.51" (W) x 1.1" (H) x 12.36" (D)
Material Aluminum
Length 460mm
Material Rubber
Dimension 140mm (W) x 25mm (H) x 140mm (D)
5.51" (W) x 0.98" (H) x 5.51" (D)
Speed 400 ~ 1,750 RPM
Noise level 13.3 ~ 30.8 dBA
Rated Voltage 12V
Max airflow 93.29 CFM
Max air pressure 2.39mmH 2 O
Connector 4 pin PWM & 4-1 pin ARGB (5V LED)
Remark Remark
* Please ensure that the control box and the RGB port on the motherboard you wish to connect are compatible with the RGB port definition of the IM420-ARGB. An incorrect connection may result in malfunctions or damage.