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Laminar RH1, Socket 1700, 69mm Height, 65W TDP, Copper/Aluminum CPU Cooler

  • SKU: 16118194
  • Manufacturer: INTEL
  • MPN: M23815-001
Starting At
  • Controllable aRGB Lighting
  • 2.6 BA Near-silent Performance
  • Larger / Copper Heat Column
  • Intel Validated Compatibility
  • Three-year Limited Warranty
Heatsink fin material Aluminum
Heatsink base/core material Copper Heat Column
Heatsink fastener (Attaches to supplied backplate) material Stainless Steel
Overall Height Up to 69mm (top of fan to bottom of heatsink)
Overall Size Up to 103mm x 103mm
Mass Up to 450g
Sound Power Level 2.6 BA (1600 RPM, 40C inlet, 65W); 4.5 BA (max RPM)
Sound Pressure Level 16 dBA (1600 RPM, 40C inlet, 65W)
TDP Support Up to 65W (12th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors)
Fan Type PWM controlled variable speed fan
LEDs aRGB LED light ring and white LED Intel logo
Connector Types 4-pin and 5V aRGB
Operating Voltage 13.2V max, 12.0V rated, 10.8V min
Current (peak) Up to 450mA
Max RPM (+/- 5%) Up to 3000 RPM
Min RPM (+/- 20%) 1000 RPM
Operating Temp 0 to 70°C
Operating Humidity 85% relative humidity @ 55°C
Fan Protection Locked-rotor/polarity protected
Sense Frequency 2 pulses/Rev, 12V pull-up with 10Kohm
PWM Frequency 25KHz +/- 5KHz
PWM Pull-up Voltage 5.25V max
PWM Duty Cycle Range 0–100%