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Latest Official Release of Debian Linux 32-bit, DVD Media

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Debian Linux Operating System

Debian is a free operating system (OS) for your computer. An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run. Debian uses the Linux kernel (the core of an operating system), but most of the basic OS tools come from the GNU project; hence the name GNU/Linux.

Important Note: Debian Linux operating system will be sent to you on DVD media for a nominal handling charge for your convenience. We do not provide any technical support, either via email or phone, for this product. Due to the nature of open source software projects, we can not be responsible for any hardware and software incompatibilities customer may incur. Please use the links referenced above to obtain additional compatibility information or drivers.

For additional information about Debian Project visit:

For answers on general questions about Debian Project visit:

For information about Debian visit:

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General Information about Linux:

Welcome! There is a growing interest in using Linux on the desktop computer, and these days it's easier than ever to try. Some people want to get more power from their computer. Some are fed up with Microsoft Windows and some simply wish to avoid the high cost of Microsoft Windows licensing and the pain of "activation codes." If any of this sounds familiar, perhaps it's time for you to consider trying out Linux! Add this item to your shopping cart and we will install Debian Linux operating system on your new computer system for free.
What is Linux? Linux is an "operating system" (OS) for computers. Other popular operating systems you may have heard of would be Microsoft Windows, Unix, and Apple OS X.

Perhaps today is the day that you'll join the millions of others who have already discovered the power, stability, freedom and cost savings of Linux!

What is Debian Project? The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system. This operating system that we have created is called Debian GNU/Linux, or simply Debian for short.
Why Linux? Chances are you've been using Microsoft Windows for years on your desktop computer, so why would you want to try out Linux? For lots of reasons, here are just a few...

1. Cost of OS. Linux is free and even commercial versions are only a fraction of the cost of MS Windows, especially when you consider MS Windows is sold with a per-computer license. For example, if you had a computer at home, one at work, and a notebook for travel, you'd need three copies of MS Windows. Since MS Windows requires a separate "activation code" for each of your computers, you've now spent some hundred dollars just for the OS. With Linux, you'll spend nothing!

We are the company who could sell you computers without an operating system or with free pre-installed Linux instead of MS Windows, and you'll pay significantly less for these computers.

2. Cost of Applications. To get the basic Office Suite from Microsoft (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software), you'll spend some hundred per computer. Again, because of Microsoft's activation codes, you'll need one copy for each computer. That means you'll be spending much more if you have 3 computers. You can find comparable Linux Applications for under $100 (many even at no cost!), and you can use them on all three of your computers. This would be a huge savings!

3. Total Cost of Ownership. Now, toss in support costs, other misc. applications, upgrade costs every year or two, and you start to see how you could be spending literally THOUSANDS of dollars to be using a copy of MS Windows that came with your computer.

4. Stability. Linux is well known for it's amazing just runs and runs and runs. Users often report going months without ever having rebooted their computer. MS Windows users find it difficult to even go a day without having to reset their computer.

5. Virus Protection and Security. The basic underlying architecture of Linux was designed with security in mind. Some versions of Linux even come with Anti-virus integrated right into the operating system for even additional protection.

6. An "Open" System. Unlike MS Windows, which has many proprietary parts that only Microsoft has access to, most parts of Linux are open, so it's much easier for 3rd parties to develop, support and work on Linux software. Can you imagine driving a car that only the manufacturer knew how to change the oil on?

7. Linux is Fun. Because Linux is Open, you tend to have thousands of independent developers creating interesting software programs that you can run on a Linux computer, and most of these applications are much less expensive than MS Windows applications or even free.

8. Linux is Cool! Ask anyone who has used it, they have a hard time ever going back!