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MB324SP-B ExpressCage, 1x 5.25" to 4x 2.5", SAS/SATA 6Gb/s, SSD/HDD, Black Hot Swap Module

  • SKU: 9525045
  • Manufacturer: ICY DOCK
  • MPN: MB324SP-B
  • Availability: USUALLY SHIPS WITHIN 3-5 DAYS
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MB324SP-B ExpressCage, 1x 5.25" to 4x 2.5", SAS/SATA 6Gb/s, SSD/HDD, Black Hot Swap Module

As one of our most exciting releases to date, the ExpressCage MB324SP-B brings to you our highly consumer-friendly enclosure made for anyone that requires affordable storage density. Fit up to 4 x 2.5” SATA/SAS HDD/SSD (7mm-12.5mm) into a single 5.25” bay with the ability to hot swap for easy drive replacement and single channel SAS support (SAS host required). Tool-less drive installation makes installing your drive more simple than ever and optional bottom tray screw holes are provided for extra protection and added stability. With a strategically placed 40mm cooling fan placed behind the unit and all around ventilation, your drives will stay cooler than the Arctic. An adjustable fan speed jumper lets you choose between HIGH, LOW, or AUTO smart cooling so you can set it based on your preference. Power users and system builders alike will enjoy the space saving, tool-less and hot-swap features provided by the ExpressCage MB324SP-B.

  • Supports up to 4 x 2.5" SATA/SAS HDD/SSD into a single 5.25" bay
  • Support SATA 6Gbps or SAS single channel (requires SAS host)
  • Hot-swappable bays for quick drive installation
  • Accommodates 2.5" drives with 7mm, 9.5mm &12.5mm Height
  • Active Power Technology (APT) - only powers up if there is drive installed in the drive bay
  • Removable ExpressTray system for tool-less, easy installation comparable to tray-less designs
  • Optional bottom mounted screw holes for increased stability
  • Blue indicator LED provided for each bay
  • 40mm upgradeable fan for drive cooling
  • 2 pin and 3 pin fan headers to support many aftermarket fan upgrades
  • Single 15pin SATA power connection powers all 4 drives
  • Locking latch design for both 7 pin SATA connector and 15 pin power adapter
  • Fan speed control for HIGH, LOW, and AUTO (smart cooling) settings
  • Metal case with heavy duty ABS tray and door latch
  • Designed for power users and system builder applications, mainly space saving
    and hot swap usage and for 2.5” HDD or SSD
Model Number : MB324SP-B
Color : Black
Host Interface : 4 x 7pin SATA
Drive Fit : 4 x 2.5" SATA or SAS (single channel) HDD/SSD
Compatible Drive Heights : 7mm, 9.5mm & 12.5mm
Device Fit : Single 5.25" half height device bay
Transfer Rate : Up to 6 Gb/sec. (depending on hard drive speed)
Power Input : Single 15pin SATA power port
Insert& Extract connection Via : Direct SAS/ SATA hard drive connection
Structure : Plastic and metal
Drive Cooling : 40mm rear cooling fan
Fan Speed Control : High / Low / Auto jumper
Power Indicator : Solid blue LED
HDD Access Indicator : Blinking blue LED
Dimension (L x W x H) : 145.8 x 41.3 x 140.5mm
Weight : 440g