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MC 3.1, RGB LED, 5000dpi, Wired USB, Black, Optical Gaming Mouse

  • SKU: 14862965
  • Manufacturer: CHERRY
  • MPN: JM-3000-2
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MC 3.1, RGB LED, 5000dpi, Wired USB, Black, Optical Gaming Mouse

Play and work sportive with the CHERRY MC 3.1 wired RGB gaming mouse. Fast and precise because of powerful, high resolution Pixart Sensor with adjustable DPI up to 8,000, full speed USB 2.0 and excellent processing performance. Thanks to the low lift of distance and handy tank track mouse wheel design you have got maximum precision and grip even in hectic situations. The 6 free programmable keys and the symmetrical design makes it the perfect mouse for your game!

  • Fast and precise thanks to the powerful, high-resolution optical Pixart sensor with up to 8,000 DPI – adjustable using the software or a DPI switch on the bottom (depending on version)
  • USB 2.0 full speed interface, supports up to 1000 report rates
  • CHERRY key for instant access to the CHERRY utility software to customize mouse settings
  • 6 Free programmable buttons and illumination modes on internal memory
  • Low lift off distance
  • Complete color spectrum – can be illuminated in 16.8 million colors (RGB) with many different illumination effects
  • With windows driver software, complete configuration of the device
  • Freely programmable profile settings for dpi resolution can be set in the software. Can be changed with the dpi switches, displayed via white status lights.
  • High-tech mouse wheel with tank track design (patent pending) for maximum precision and grip even in hectic situations
  • Large glide pads
  • Easy individualization by changing the logo projection (e.g. project your logo instead of CHERRY).
SKU JM-30x0
Warranty 2 years
Packaging unit Number of products in the master package: 40
  • Pixart PMW-3310 Sensor or PMW-3360
  • Scanning: optical / 6500 fps or 12000 fps
  • Resolution: up to 5000 dpi (adjustable)
  • Number of keys: 6 and dpi-switch
  • Over 100.000 cycles of scrolling wheel lifetime
  • Over 50 million clicks of mouse buttons lifetime
Packaging dimensions approx. 152 x 57 x 200 mm
Dimensions (product) approx. 125 x 65 x 40 mm
Delivery volume
  • CHERRY MC3.1
  • Manual
System requirements USB Connection
Interface USB 2.0
Operating temperature 0 °C … 50 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
Cable length approx. 150 cm
Total weight (with packaging) approx. 229 g
Weight (product) approx. 117 g
Color Black
Type Cable