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MX-6, 4g, 7.5 W/m.k, Grey Thermal Paste

  • SKU: 16016455
  • Manufacturer: ARCTIC
  • MPN: ACTCP00080A
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MX-6, 4g, 7.5 W/m.k, Grey Thermal Paste

MX-6 is neither electrically conductive nor capacitive. This eliminates the risk of short circuits or discharges, which can cause serious damage to components if care is not taken. The thermal paste is also free of liquid metal components, which can often lead to discoloration, abrasion or corrosion damage to the radiator bottom.

Viscosity 45000 Poise
Density 2.6 g/cm³
Continuous Use Temperature -50~150°C
Volume Resistivity 1.8 X 1012 Ω-cm
Breakdown Voltage 7.5 kV/mm
Thermal Conductivity FAQ
Colour Grey
Packaging Width: 24 mm
Height: 15 mm
Length: 120 mm
Weight: 0.01 kg