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Motion Plus Platform

  • SKU: 15091029
  • Manufacturer: Next Level Racing
  • MPN: NLR-M007
  • Availability: USUALLY SHIPS WITHIN 3-5 DAYS
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Motion Plus Platform

Since 2014, thousands of sim racers, flight sim enthusiasts, and industry professionals have relied on and loved the immersive and realistic experience provided by Next Level Racing® Motion products.
Introducing the Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform, our first heave, pitch & roll motion platform that delivers the ultimate experience in adaptability and immersion. This market-leading technology enables users to experience emulated G-Forces related to bumps, corners, vibrations, braking and acceleration on their sim chassis. Built to be precise, the Motion Plus Platform performs 4000 microprocesses directly from the game every second, for the most accurate gameplay feedback while driving or in-flight. With the Next Level Racing® Motion ecosystem in mind, the Motion Plus Platform can combine with the Motion V3 or Traction Plus platforms** to create an unapparelled simulation experience.

  • full cockpit mover, simulating vehicle chassis motion with ultimate precision and accuracy
  • market leading technology to feel bumps, corners, rolls, gear shifts, and vibrations for peak immersion
  • quick and simple installation, compatible with next level racing® cockpits*
  • commercially built, but perfect for home use with its compact design and low noise operation
  • compatible with all major racing and flight games for pc
  • 1 module for 2-dof and **2 modules for 3-dof
  • adaptable to the existing next level racing® motion ecosystem, to continue taking racing to the next level
  • unique pivot bar included for single unit use setups
  • advanced vr compensation software to experience smooth precise vr movement
  • ultra-low latency provides sharp and accurate movement throughout the chassis
  • Power Source: 4A/115VAC/60Hz, 2A/230VAC/50Hz
  • Power supply: 321W
  • Max Weight on the product: 250 Kg Or 550 lbs
  • Working Range Temperature: 4° Celsius/ 39° Fahrenheit to 45° Celsius/ 113° Fahrenheit
  • Product Weight (Motion Plus Platform + Pivot Bar): 21.7 kg or 48 lbs
  • Boxed Dimensions: 51.5 x 22.3 x 32 cm or 20.3 x 8.8 x 12.6 inches
  • Product Dimension: 70 x 18.2 x 20 cm or 27.6 x 7.2 x 7.9 inches
  • Boxed Weight – 28 kg or 62 lbs
  • Part Number NLR-M007
Compatible NLR Products
  • Next Level Racing® Elite Series Cockpits
  • Next Level Racing® GTtrack Racing Cockpit
  • Next Level Racing® Traction Plus Platform (With additional brackets)
  • Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3
  • Next Level Racing® F-GT Racing Cockpit (With additional brackets)
  • Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator (With additional brackets)
What's in the box
  • Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform
  • Foot Assembly kit
  • Pivot bar
  • Next Level Racing® Platform Manager Software download
  • USB and Power Cables
  • Digital assembly instructions and assembly videos available here: