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NOD32 Antivirus 10 Devices / 1 Years - Download

  • SKU: 17621301
  • Manufacturer: Eset
  • MPN: RTL-EAVH-N1-10-1-US
  • Availability: USUALLY SHIPS WITHIN 1-3 WEEKS
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NOD32 Antivirus 10 Devices / 1 Years - Download

ESET NOD32 Antivirus offers fast and light antivirus technology. NOD32 provides essential malware protection and allows you to secure your data and money from digital fraud. Monthly security reports keep you informed, while Gamer Mode saves resources for uninterrupted entertainment. Simple yet effective!

  • Antivirus & Antispyware – This functionality provides comprehensive protection from online and offline threats and blocks the spread of malware to other users.
  • Ransomware Shield – Ensures that your data stays private and secure by blocking attempts to lock you out of your personal data in exchange for a ransom payment.
  • Anti-Phishing – Safeguard your privacy and your assets. Anti-Phishing protects you from scams and fake websites attempting to access sensitive information or feed you fake news.
  • Exploit Blocker – Prevents attacks designed to bypass antivirus detection. It fortifies commonly exploited application types such as web browsers, PDF readers, and other applications.
  • Gamer Mode – Ensures that your media runs quickly and smoothly. It postpones alerts and notifications to save resources, disables pop-up windows, and halts the activity of the scheduler. Your ESET protection still runs in the background but does not demand any interaction.
  • Advanced Machine Learning – In addition to ESET Machine Learning in the cloud, this functionality offers a proactive layer of local security. It is designed to detect advanced and never-before-seen malware—all without slowdown.
  • Small System Footprint – Extend the life of your hardware, ensure strong system performance and save internet bandwidth via small update packages.