AVADirect All-in-one Liquid Cooling Solutions
December 15, 2021

AVADirect All-in-one Liquid Cooling Solutions Are Available to Order

Prolong your PC’s lifespan, improve performance and increase your potential for overclocking with an AVADirect EWKB Elite AIO Liquid Cooler. At AVADirect, we wanted to offer an all-in-one liquid cooling solution, so we team up with EKWB. EK Waterblock’s 15+ years of liquid cooling experience and industry-landing innovation has led to them being one of our choice manufacturers for liquid cooling components.

Built with high-quality materials and high-performance components, the precision engineering of our AVADirect EK AIO’s will lower temperatures and push performance. These AIO’s feature reinforced sleeves for extra protective measures against wear and tear faced by other AIO’s.

Pre-filled with coolant and sealed, AVADirect EKWB AIO’s are easily mounted to your CPU to absorb heat and keep your temperatures down. Ensure top performance by unlocking your processor's full potential without sacrificing component longevity. Unlock the potential of your processor today.