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AVADirect Hardware powers US Military Synthetic Training Software
November 16, 2021

AVADirect Hardware powers US Military Synthetic Training Software

Traditional methods of military tactics are a thing of the past, in today’s age, simulation training help soldiers prepare for future endeavors and tactics. The Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) successfully executed the first Soldier Touch Point (STP), a culmination of intense programs and software run on uniquely configured AVADirect hardware.

Synthetic Training Environment (STE) uses the Training Simulation Software (TSS), the Training Management Tool (TMT), and Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer-Soldier (RVCT-S) to help soldiers prepare for squad battle drills in different environments, weather conditions, and more. 22 Soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division, U.S. Army executed a wide range of squad battle drills using AVADirect built systems. They were able to provide user and technical feedback across a range of training scenarios in different weather and lighting conditions.

The Soldiers assessed the software’s ability to facilitate training on drills such as reacting to an IED and indirect fire, conducting a Squad assault, and entering and clearing a building. Feedback was also collected on user interface to assist leaders in preparing, executing and assessing the training activities.