4303 Cinebench Score
October 03, 2023

AVADirect breaks RECORDS with a 4303 Cinebench Score powered by 2x AMD Epyc 9654

AVADirect Custom Computers, a leading provider of cutting-edge computing solutions, is proud to announce its remarkable achievement in high-performance computing. The company's custom-built PC, powered by 2X AMD EPYC 9654 processors, has secured an impressive 2nd place ranking in the prestigious Cinebench benchmark, solidifying its position as a top contender.

Cinebench, renowned for its rigorous testing of CPU and GPU capabilities, attracts attention from tech enthusiasts, professionals, and industry experts worldwide. AVADirect’s achievement reflects its commitment to delivering exceptional computing solutions that excel in both raw power and performance.

The custom PC, meticulously designed and optimized by AVADirect’s team of experts, leverages the unparalleled processing power TWO AMD EPYC 9654 processors. This achievement in Cinebench underscores the PC's ability to easily handle resource-intensive tasks, making it an ideal choice for content creators, researchers, and businesses seeking unparalleled computing performance.