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For more than 10 years, has provided consumers a sense of security when purchasing products online through consumer reviews and ratings. Therefore, with an “Elite” scoring, AVADirect takes great pride in its rating with  Through our strong commitment to personalizing your computer purchasing experience and customer support, it has distinguished AVADirect in the industry.

One might ask the credibility of ResellerRatings, as one would expect high levels of fraud on a site like this; however, submissions are filtered through a rigorous screening process to ensure the integrity for those reading the reviews and ratings. ResellerRatings, values the importance to maximize the authenticity and reliability of reviews for everyone. As a result, the reviews are not edited, censored, blocked, or moderate reviews of any retailer for any reason.

At ResellerRating they manually look at each review submission when they suspect fraud.  When fraud is suspected but uncertain, they contact the reviewer to obtain proof of their transaction, in the form of a credit card billing statement. Additionally, ResellerRating does not allow retailers to pay for positive reviews or to remove negative reviews, or to solicit reviews from customers the same day the order is placed.

Receiving over 500 positive reviews on a credible website like ResellerRatings spotlights AVADirect’s commitment to providing both new and existing customers a sense of comfort when investing in the purchase of a new custom computer, appreciating the quality of our product when you receive it and our superior customer service for the duration of their ownership and AVADirect computer experience.

AVADirect would like to personally say “THANK YOU” to all our loyal and satisfied customers who provided reviews to ResellerRatings. Without your commitment to AVADirect we would not be where we are today! Please continue to provide feedback at via email or phone as we consistently look for ways to improve the AVADirect Experience.