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AVADirect ResellerRatings Customer Reviews

For more than 20 years, has provided consumers a sense of security when purchasing products online through strictly regulated consumer reviews and ratings. Featuring over 10 million reviews, ResellerRatings provides reviews that are broken down to provide easily digestible details regarding shipping, service, pricing and more. AVADirect takes great pride in our ‘Elite’ scoring through Our strong commitment to personalizing your computer purchasing experience and providing top-tier customer support has distinguished AVADirect in the Custom PC Builder industry.

1300 Reviews 9.47/10 Stars
March 14,2020

Best retail PC builder for regular software engineer

"This is my 3rd AVADirect workstation. The first (8 year old) is as still good as new, just CPU power is not sufficient anymore.

The #1 point is pricing. Just picking components I would got worse price, not to mention build quality, compatibility and support.

This time I had been particularly impressed and want to mention 2 items:
I picked case with only 2x3.5" bays buying no hard drives and planning to use my current ones. Builders caught my mistake from a comment to prepare cables for my 6x3.5" hard drives, pick different case and return the price difference. Second, not only power cables that usually come with motherboard but SATA cables were neatly installed. Thank you!"

March 31,2020

My AVADirect Experience

"I could not be more pleased with AVADirect. After checking many other custom builders, I found that they had an extensive set of configuration component choices, their prices were the best and they had good reviews.

As I selected my configuration, I received good advice from Kyle, a very responsive and friendly guy, and who also did what he could to expedite my order.

I also like the way the company does business. The actual build process consists of five stages which you can monitor on its website.

I am very pleased with the computer that I received. It was well built and configured exactly as I had specified.

The tech support is also excellent. While setting up my new computer, I accidentally touched the Clear CMOS button which reset both the CPU clock and memory speeds to the default values. After one short call to the tech team, I was able to quickly and easily restore both the overclocking profile and the memory speed.

If you are looking for a custom build, professionally done, I highly recommend AVADirect."

May 19,2020

Top notch all the way around

"I ordered a desktop just as we went into the "COVID" headache. In large part due to the shipping problems at that time, there were some individual part challenges out of my choices (i.e. the CPU cooler I chose wasn't available, etc) but I received almost daily emails from my "AVA advocate" who made recommendations and kept me up to date with any other issues. I was also able to get updates by checking the website for my order and it let me know things like "all parts are in", "computer is built and is being tested and benchmarked", and then "computer is shipping, expect it " (it arrived in the evening of the projected shipping date). Considering the incredible selection of parts available (i.e. I selected my own system part by part, individually) it is pretty impressive they managed to come through despite the COVID lockdown. The computer itself was extremely well-packed, with padding both around the case, double-boxed (With more padding) And then the inside of the computer case itself was stuffed with padding to keep everything from moving. I unboxed, plugged it in, and it worked like a charm. I received a full array of books (i.e. for motherboard, case, PSU, etc) and then proceeded to take the system apart to inspect, and their cable routing was top notch. Unquestionably outstanding company."

February 20,2020

Best Custom Computers

"This is my second computer built by AVADirect and they have been the best computers that I've ever owned. AVA's customization options are as good as you will find on the internet and their prices are very reasonable. Build quality and cable management have been outstanding both times. There are also a myriad of warranty options to choose from so if you're concerned about reliability they've got you covered there as well. Their customer service is outstanding. All of my questions sent via email have been answered within a business day and they will make sure that you are pleased about every aspect of your rig. For example, on this latest computer, I wanted the AIO liquid cooler radiator installed at the front of the case instead of on top and they made sure to do that for me. About the only thing that could be improved is the processing time. You will have to wait anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to get your computer, and if anything is not in stock that will delay things further. Overall though, AVADirect is superb. I will be buying all of my future computers from them."

February 04,2020

Excellent customer service

"I recently ordered a custom gaming laptop from AVA Direct. This was the third I’ve ordered from them. As usual it was just what I ordered, except that the manufacturer,MSI, had installed Windows 10 Pro, with an invalid product key. If it hadn’t been for AVA’s excellent support, I might still be trying to get MSI to fix this. I got to work with the nice people at AVA in Ohio, rather than going through subcontracted Help Desk Hell. You could tell that AVA really cared and had the expertise to help."

May 12,2020

Top notch product, reasonable price, customer and technical support as good as I have experienced in some time

"First someone helped me with product selection by giving me a few sample configurations after they had talked to me about what I was trying to do with my machine. I found one I liked and tweaked it just a bit. They built it and shipped it in a very reasonable timeframe. The product arrived with instructions and packed better than any computer I have bought ..... ever. I have been buying personal computers of one sort or another for 40+ years. The first machines I worked on ran CP/M.... that's how old I am :) I have built more than a few systems myself for my friends and for me. I have recently over the last 10 years or so ordered from custom builders. I read some good things about AVA Direct and wanted to try them out. I was very, very impressed all the way through. I have had just a couple of minor questions (no problems to speak of) since the box arrived and the folks at AVA Direct have been extremely helpful. The machine seems to be very solidly built and booted up right out of the box. So far it seems to be running great. Very impressive. I would recommend to anyone looking for pretty much any kind of computer."

February 04,2020

Great customer service

"I was impressed with almost every aspect of the experience when buying a desktop computer from AVADirect. If I had to pick one though, it'd be the customer service. They called me after making the purchase just to ask if I had any questions. As it happened, I was worried I'd be on vacation during delivery. They offered to hold the computer free of charge until I'd be back. Then they noticed a small incompatibility between the motherboard and case (one port would have to be left disconnected). They emailed and gave me several options. When it arrived, it didn't work right out of the box (the only suboptimal experience), but it was super easy get knowledgable tech support on the phone. They gave me detailed instructions that got everything working perfectly.

On top of the customer service, the website is fantastic. They have an enormous catalog, and they made it really easy to explore and compare your options, keeping track of how much it all costs. And by the way, it all came out hundreds of dollars cheaper than their competitors. I've already recommended AVADirect to my friends."

November 23,2019

Exceeded Expectations

"This was my first custom build, and I was very pleased with all aspects of the experience. Their website made it easy to customize down to the smallest detail, and when I had questions about components, their support was quick to respond and provide assistance. The computer was packaged very securely and everything arrived and worked perfectly. When I had a follow-up question after using the computer for a while, their support was still quick to respond. I will 100% use them again for any future custom builds."